Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taco Tuesday

    Yep! We actually did it! I actually did a "Taco Tuesday" for dinner. I have to admit, I still think it's funny to have a certain food on a certain day every week. For example, most of my co-workers pile into company cars and go to the same Chinese buffet for lunch every Friday. EVERY FRIDAY! I can't imagine eating Chinese more than three times a month if that. I think we average Chinese once every month or so. But to eat that every Friday? I don't think I could.
   I know since my Mondays are quiet hectic when I get home with the kids from school and work and the hubs works late, I tend to whip together a fast meal like pancakes, spaghetti or pbj. Oh! That works for a "Meatless Monday" - haha.
    Since our Fridays are go-go-go I've been trying to use the crockpot on those days or we can default to pizza and wings pick up on the way home. (We've only had to do that once but it was more out of curosity since a new place opened up around the corner from us).
    What are dinners like at your house? Any helpful hints to mix things up? Do you have a themed day or two?
Taco Tuesdays? or Chinese Fridays?

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