Saturday, September 29, 2012

Onions as air filters?

    I am one who will try unconventional things with common household items, however today I am not amused. The hubs has this idea that if we leave cut onions around the house they will remove the bacteria in the air. (He must have been watching one of those science shows or something) Sounds like it was worth a shot, until he left for work leaving me here with the kiddos and onions. It smells like a packed elementary school bus on a 90 degree day stuck in traffic..., ew!

    I had one of my fall scented tarts melting but that was not helping the situation whatsoever. It started to smell like pumpkin spiced onions.., bleck! Lucky for us at home I had some Glade Expressions to test out from my BzzAgent campaign. (Perfect timing! Being a BzzAgent I get to test products, for free, and even get coupons and special offers to share with friends. Interested? You can join for free and become part of the bbzzzz! Click here)

    It was hard to choose between Pineapple & Mangosteen or Cotton & Italian Mandarin - those were the two scents my grocery store had in stock. (Although I would have like to try out Lavender & Juniper Berry) I picked the Cotton & Italian Mandarin because I wanted something fresh (like I had just actually cleaned this house)

    I gathered up the cut onions and put them in a sealed baggie so there was no more scent coming from them. I sprayed a little in each room there was an onion in and Glade Expressions not only got rid of the stink but I think it also neutralized the air because I couldn't smell any more onion after I sprayed. (There is nothing worse than using a room spray and having the scents layer on top of each other into a gross combined smell) What a beautifully light and clean scent! I will definately be using this scent again. Best part of this room spray is you can buy refills that plug right into the white decorative base. (The lower colored part in the picture below is a wrapper that slides right off so the spray container blends nicely with most room decors.) Major kudos to Glade!

    I can't wait to take these into work to finally get some fresh air - especially after lunch. Stinks having an office near the lunch room (no pun intended)

With four scents to choose from which would you choose?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whoops! Insert guilt here

    Ever get that feeling when you wake up in the morning that stuff isn't going to go your way? I had that tiny feeling this morning. Long story short, it was at the expense of my little guy's train excursion. The train station's website was so confusing and I should have done this earlier but I called to see if we needed to make a reservation. And of course, from the recording that they were sold out for today I found the answer to my inquiry. I cried! Big, huge crocodile tears! I let my little guy down. We had been talking about this train ride and pumping it up and foolish me did not go with my gut to call and double check earlier this week when I thought I should.
    The Hubs had to break the news as he turned the car around. The train was "broken" today. I scrambled to find something to lift up my little guy's broken spirit. I felt and still feel awful! BUT we ended up going on a family adventure to one of the local apple orchards and hunted for pumpkins. He ate sugared donuts for lunch and apple cider. I wanted him to have a beautiful time. He chose is own pumpkin and had a blast! I let him have three helpings of baked apple for dessert AND let him lick the whipped cream container clean.
    Here I thought I had saved the day with family adventure. As I tucked him into bed he reminded me that the train was broken and that he was going to go on the train while I stayed home with the girls. There it was.., that awful feeling I let him down.
    I know I will have plenty of these throughout their lifetime. I know I will loose count and even what they were over but that feeling is horrible. It feels like my insides are being pulled out while I watch.
    Have you experienced this feeling yet? Was it over something small? Or was it bigger?
My little man picked out his pumpkin

Friday, September 21, 2012

Farewell Summer

    Today has dwindled down and is nearly gone with 2 hours left until midnight. Summer will be officially gone and Fall will be welcomed. (Yeah!) Today also marks the end of the second week I went back to work. (Boo!)
    I am looking forward to doing all the Fall festivities that we have done in the past. Apple picking, pumpkin hunting, creeking, outdoor adventures!
    What are some of your favorite Fall activities? My two love munching on some apples

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Houston.., we have smiles!

    I have to give a big shout out to the photo manager at Sears. She did an awesome job today for sibling pictures part deux. It started off by getting the three kids ready and out the door by myself as Bear was crying, Trey was sitting outside waiting to go and Liv was watching White Christmas.
    Once we were in the car and on the road I realized that buses were just starting to roam the roads.., wonderful! It wasn't that bad. I actually got stuck behind someone driving nearly 8 under the speed limit which was much more frustrating than buses.
    Got to the studio and Bear was in a generally good mood. It was still a coin toss so I wasn't sure how it was going to go but I had high hope and packed the Tweedles clothes just in case it was going really good. So the photographer set up for Bear and it was AMAZING! She got some awesome pictures. They were beautiful!
    We quickly went from a small quick shot promo package to adding full sheets that weren't included on any other promos and of course I didn't look through my magazines for those postcard ads before we BUT she was so cool with the chaos she waived the sitting fees (phew!)
    I can't wait to get these pictures! I know I could have taken them but sometimes its nice to have someone else do them. Yeah I know, I just said that and I actually meant that. I will consider this my splurge for the month. I should be allowed one every now and then right?! RIGHT!
Luckily my three didn't look like these three

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two out of Three

    Last year when we tried to do sibling pictures, Trey was a jerk. (It tech. wasn't his fault though..., we have chaulked it up to gas.., we got home shortly after taking pictures and he farted his face off and then was happy as a clam shortly afterwards.)
    This year I had high expectations only because he is a year old and we have been talking about smiling and looking at the camera. After Liv did her thing and she did such a great job, even though she has this uber cheesed up smile she does every now and then, she was beautiful as always! Next was Trey's turn. After some resistance, we coaxed him into standing and then the smiles came! Yipppie!! We had some great shots of him. I was nearly in tears! (I probably sould have cried if I wasnt sweating so badly. It was hot and I was stressed out!)
    Just as the title of this post implies, when it came time to take pictures of Bear the cooperation completely was adandoned. She just wast not having any of it. We were incredibly lucky to have 2 shots to work with, but the one ultimately won because Trey's face in the other one didn't seem right. I think he was starting to start a blink - if that makes sense. And I am sure you can guess what that little stinker did shortly after the pictures were downloaded and started to be edited.., she was a delightful, joyful coo-ing little bundle of cuteness! The photographer and I were floored. Doh!
    So needless to say, Bear has an appointment booked for Thursday and we are going to try to get her individual shot. I am going to keep my fingers and toes crossed until then!
    I know I could probably take her picture but it is nice to have someone worry about getting that shot every now and then. So please keep your fingers and toes crossed that we can get Bear to be all smiles come Thursday!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Buyers Remorse

     Buyers remorse. It's great. Not really but I find it is something that I have been feeling after I purchase something for me. I'm talking about nothing for the kids, the house, the hubs or even the dog. I'm talking about just for me and not because it is something that I need "need" like pants or shoes. I'm talking about something fun or something that I involves something that I like to do.
    This morning on Zulily, a daily deal site for Moms, there it was. It was a great deal on something that I have been eye-balling for a long time. And when I say a long time I mean to say that I have been borrowing my sister-in-laws and have been using the crow out of it when I can get it!! 
    There it was. A Pink Expression Die-Cut Cricut machine that included three cartridges. I was giddy! I got uber excited thinking of all the things I could do with it. All the things I could design and make with it. So I took the plunge after much deliberation and promises to make to myself - like FINALLY getting my crafting area clean and organized sometime this century!
    Then it hit me about 12 minutes after I clicked on the finalize order button and it went through. What did I just do? The buyers remorse had me in its grasp. But that was only short lived.
    Just wait until you see what I can do with it. It will definately be Dulcetbloom - my Etsy shop worthy. I totally NEED to get my butt in gear! I am very excited about this venture. Ex! Cit! Ed!
Here is a preview of a few hats I have ready for the shop

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm still here

    I am still here! Just very overwhelmed!! I went back to work this week and needless to say it has been one huge learning experience. It's not as awful as I had imagined but it's still not fun.
    I will write more later but for now here are a few updates:
    Liv started dance again - she loves it!
    We got the ring out her candle! I will post about that later too.
    I got my BzzKit for the Glade Expressions and picked up some scents to try out. Can't wait to share that with you all.
    I got my FabKids outfit in - LOVE it!
    Found something fun on craigslist - I cant wait to get that either! Talk about about steal!!
    I survived the first day back.., I think? And the second.., tomorrow we shall see.
    I wish I could drink regular coffee but if I do then I will have a wicked little Bear on my hands.., the joys of breastfeeding.
    I need to get caught up on my coupons..,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cotton candy anyone?

   Today Liv's Diamond Candle came in and we started to burn it. It smells so awesome! I am totally surprised at how pleasant the scent is for it being "cotton candy". The candle is bigger than I thought it would be. It was packed safely to arrive in one piece. The clean burning soy wax is great.
    We are now waiting for the wax to burn and melt so that we can dig out the ring to see what our luck brings us. Unfortunately for Liv and I we are both Aquarians. Impatience is a characterstic that apparent in the both of us.
Packaged with this inside of the shipping box

That gold circle is where the ring is!!!

A watched candle never burns.... haha

    Oh! Almost forgot to mention today was Liv's first day at gymnastics and let me tell you, that girl was so excited I don't think her feet touched the ground on the into the gym. My little guy and Bear on the other hand were a bit hard to get under control. Bear was a bit fussy with some crying and of course, Trey had to go potty right in the middle of it all. Insaneness? Yes! But needless to say, Liv had a blast!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

    Here I am sitting with Bear. Today is our last Thursday together with just us. Today is the last Thursday of my maternity leave. My last week is almost done before I go back to work on Monday. Talk about anxiety!
    This is my last maternity leave, as Bear is our last family member. (Unless you count any pets we may acquire throughout the years.., maybe a fish or two) But she is and will be the baby of the family.
    I feel more emotional than at the peak of all the pregnancy hormones right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to go back to work and get to do with I went to school for. I like being able to create new literature pieces and challenge my creative abilities, and the paycheck is decent (and needed). But I feel like these past 12 weeks didn't happen, they went by with a blink of an eye.
    Again, my hats off to you moms that have to or need to go back at 6 weeks (which is insanely too early in my opinion). I don't think I would have been able to, physically and emotionally. I also tip my hat to those countries who know and understand the need for longer paid maternity leaves and how healthy it is for both mother and child to spend these early times together.  
    So let's wrap up this sob post (I cant promise you it wont be the last one as I have yet to tackle the dreaded first Monday back and I am sure there will be some sob story for how my day went) Today I am so very thankful that I was able to be at home with my baby girl for as long as I did, even though it doesn't feel like it was long enough. I am thankful nonetheless.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In the rain

    Yesterday it rained here. It was just Bear and I home. Normally I would have encouraged the Tweedles to go outside and play in the rain but they were at school. I got this sudden urge to take Bear outside and twirl around in the rain.
    It was a moment I would have paid millions to suspend in time. It was a moment where I forgot about having to go back to work next week. It was a moment I forgot about house work, bills, organizing the basement, sorting clothes, schedules..., everything.
    Bear was having a great time! It was so innocent and natural. She listened to the rain hit the awning. She felt the rain on her soft skin. She heard the cars go by on the soaked road. I was holding her with her arm wrapped around mine and the other sticking out and feeling the rain. The rain drops were on her skin and her eyes looked widely outwards. They were so big and blue. It was peaceful and serene.
    And when I looked at her looking out, I felt calm. I snuggled her tight. I looked at her bright eyes watching the rain fall. I felt the world around us pause and I knew I wanted to remember this always. It was a true moment I wanted to suspend forever.
Glass rain drops - how awesome are these?

Monday, September 3, 2012

The fog is upon us

    So my worse fear is coming alive as I sit and type this post. I am currently sitting bedside to my son who is just chatting up a storm while tossing and turning in his undies on his bed to which he has been confined to by me in hopes that he will take his nap. We are going on a half hour and I am loosing hope on this but I am that determined to keep the act of the afternoon nap alive.
    I know I just posted about this happening a few days ago but I am totally not willing to let it go. Not with him. He needs this nap just as much as I do! He wakes up way to early to be a happy being come the end of the day without it. 
    Which brings me to my other grievance.., not so much a grievance maybe more so an annoyance..., how is it that I ask my kids repeatedly over and over and over again to lower their volume or stop chatting and they don't? Not even a tiny little inkling? Not even for one minute? Even when their baby sister is clearly finally asleep after being up for way longer than she should be? I know they understand me. I know they know why they need lower their volume. I know they know why they need to be quiet at times. They listen to 80% of my other requests but for some reason this one request can never be fulfilled.
    As I wrap up this post, my little man is finally laying motionless in his bed, yawning and rubbing his eyes BUT he is still awake telling me to "listen" to him and "be quiet" and we are going on the 40 plus minute mark of this push and pull war over the afternoon nap...., I'm going to give it a little bit longer.., I think he is succumbing to the tiredness that he has been fighting to keep at bay..,
    (2 minutes later. There is some deep breathing, no more chattering or moving., I have won! We have kept the afternoon nap alive for another day!)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doesn't need to sleep??!!

    I am pretty sure we have now entered the "doesn't need to sleep" phase of my little man's growing up. He has been trying his darnedest to stay up. I especially love the adoring, love bug phase of the attempt. The "I am so adorably cute and cuddly I just want to sit snuggled up in your arms" phase of the attack. However, I could easily do without the "FINE! I'm just too cranky" phase which is followed by the refusal of the love bug phase.
    I'm worried that the after lunch nap is slowly dying and that my relief from his energy is dying as well. Then again I will be going back to work next week. But I'm not sure which is worse.., being at work or running around in the chaos home. The chaos at home is more rewarding -hands down.
    It's a sad time in mother's life when her little one starts to refuse and no longer requires that afternoon nap. Thankfully, Bear still needs her naps.
Sleeping Bear - Do not disturb