Monday, October 15, 2012

Clothes, clothes everywhere

    With three kids you can bet that we have a ton of kids clothes. Everywhere. In the dressers, on the dressers, in the closet, in the laundry, in totes downstairs, in boxes downstairs, like I said, everywhere.
    Two girls and one boy factored in the climate of the seasons where we live - leaves a lot to the imagination of just how many clothes. I probably have enough to open up my own consignment shop. If only I had the time and the money to do the opening investment, I would totally pursue that! But, unfortunately, I don't have either of those.
    I have started to sort through the clothes, which feels like an awfully long and painstaking process. So many little memories these tiny little outfits hold.
Do you have any favorite memories of your little one's outfits? Liv's little ruffle topped swimsuit for her first summer, T's pirate dog hoodie for Great Grandpa's 101st birthday and now Bear's summer grey and teal romper for her first outting.
    I'm not sure what I want to do with the clothes; consignment shop drop off? yard sale in the summer? online clothes exchange? ebay? craigslist? Any ideas?
The kid's closet - Yikes!

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