Saturday, June 3, 2017

Getting back from a break

     Life got busy. Between three kids and all their activities, nabbing a few off season hours and babysitting and just stuff in general - life got busy. 
     Recently we lost our dear, kind dog to old age. She was my first babe. In fact she was my warm, snugly companion while the Hubs was at work for 10hr shifts. She kept me company and made me laugh. She did this funny little thing called a Bichon Blitz where she ran around in a figure eight. She wouldnt go for a treat unless I said "okay" and couldn't be tricked when I "Oklahoma" or "Okinawa". 
      I knew it would hurt and be sad but I wasn't fully prepared for just how sad it was going to be. Even as she grew older and slowed down I would say "hey" as I passed by with the laundry as she laid in the morning sun by the front window. I'd see her on the love seat with her nose stuffed between the cushions once the sun passed and I had to switch over the laundry. 
       This house feels huge now that she's passed and I'm putzing around with the kids at school - which is only 2 hours because my youngest is in UPK but come September it will be much longer.
        Ironically we chose her to combat the quietness of the apartment and now I will have quietness once more with all three kids going to school in the Fall. 
         The kids are doing well. It's been a few days and there have been plenty of tears and cries from everyone. She made a home in all of our hearts and just curled up in there. 
           When someone we love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure and she will forever remain a treasure to us all.