Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Insert Grey Here

    It's that time of the year where the bright yellow summer sky leaves and the cold grey sky of the winter starts to settle in. It leads into the endless winter season for me. I dread the snow. I am pretty sure "Snow" is an actual season here. There is Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and SNOW!
    I am not a fan of this transition because it brings me down. I know my mood goes from a warm, blissful high to a grungy, cruddy low. Not to the level of causing any major problems, but just low enough that it lets me know the snow is around the corner. The cold is nearby. The iced up roads are coming. Can you tell I do not embrace the snow? I don't ski or snowboard. I don't skate or snowshoe. I don't snowmobile - which in my opinion does not sound like fun in the least bit! It's already cold outside and when you factor in going really fast on a non-enclosed motored "toy" making it colder, that equals zero fun to me. The only winter activity I do is sprinting. I sprint from my house to my car then from my car to my house.
    I think a haircut or some new color will do the trick. Maybe some comfort food baking. Some new soft sweaters. Win the lotto. Ok, so that last one was wishful thinking.
    What kind of things do you do to cheer up?
It may look nice but its sucky, cold and icky

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