Wednesday, April 8, 2015

(Almost) Back to Your Regular Scheduled Program

    Just popped on briefly to let ya'll know I'll be back in full gear soon. Big changes have been going on and we have been learning how to adjust to them. Good changes - just very influential. 

   How does your family handle big changes like a move? Or a change in job requirements? Upcoming school adventures? 


Monday, March 2, 2015

I Blew a Classroom Birthday Off

    I blew a classroom birthday party off but in my defense, this one was a total accident!!

   Last week our school district had February break. It was a week long break and part of it was enjoyed all the way down in Florida. My mum took Liv and I to Disney World so that they could run in the Princess 5K and also the Kid's Fun Run. They both did awesome and rocked it, despite the unseasonably chilly temps. 

   The Friday prior to the break the school district called in another snow day due to the negative wind chills. Neither one of my older kids were able to celebrate Valentines day at their schools. I wasn't terribly heart broken since I wouldn't have been able to attend either of them with the youngest kiddo. Last year when she was in Kindergarten it was so much easier, especially before the younger two were pulled out of daycare. 

   I'll never be a classroom parent. I don't have the availability it deserves to have. I wont have that time until Bear is in school. Forget having me on the PTO until then too. Classroom parties can be added there too, unless by some lucky chance the Hubs has an office day and can spare an hour or so watching the youngest kid(s). 

   Where am I going with this post? Well, its taking me some time to go through all my messages and get back into the swing of things from the week long break. I came across an email message from a classroom parent inviting Liv to her daughter's birthday party - that was yesterday. Uhg! My heart sank. I suck. 

   Not only did I not RSVP, I took away this moment from my daughter's childhood. She doesn't officially know that but I do and I feel like crap. 

   Truth be told, I don't mind classroom kid birthday parties. We've attended a tiny handful. Others we have not. One she got sick the morning of and since it was at a gymnastics place we decided it wasn't in her best interest to stay the entire time but she showed up with gift in hand for a little bit before she wanted to leave to lay down. 

   I wrote the mum an email back apologizing for the delay in my response and I hope that her daughter had had a wonderful day. Hopefully that will save some grace for us. I haven't had the privilege of going through a classroom invited birthday party yet and I'm not sure when I'm going to feel comfortable to do that. Having one or two kids isn't too bad to be able to plan something like that out but having three young kids makes even brushing my teeth incredibly trying and difficult. 

   Do you do classroom invited birthday parties? 
   Do you go to all the ones your child is invited to? Or just select ones? 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Up High Like a Bird

    Come the early alarm on Wednesday, I'll be making my way to the airport with my oldest in tow. She doesn't know where we will be going. She just knows we "may" be taking a little three generation trip, so long as my mum is "able to get off of work". Truth be told, she can and she is. 

    We'll be making our way to Florida. Sunny, warm Florida!! After today being in the negatives with the snow and icy cold winds, I would gladly take anything over 50 degrees so long as I didn't have to bundle up in three layers and look at grey, icky snow mounds. 

    My daughter is going to go BANANAS when she finds out we'll be at Disney World. She is all signed up to run her first 5K of 2015. She has been talking about saving up to go to Disney and what she remembers when we went three years ago. (Wow! That's so long ago. It's been too long!) 

    I can't wait to see her face and share in her excitement!!! 

    Have you ever planned a big surprise trip or event for your kiddo(s)? Did they just loose their minds? Do they still talk about it??! 

There she is three years ago getting her medal for the Kids Run.
This week, she'll score two! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year = New Goals

    We're five days in the New Year - five days!! I hate the idea of resolutions and promises. I prefer more of an aim or goal, would even settle for a focus. 

    I made a focus for myself to take time once a month to do something just for me. That's a tall glass to drink when you're a mom of three young ones, or at least for me. It's hard to remember to take care of myself even if its just for a half hour. Given $20 and I'll go out and stretch that on items for the kids. We all do it as parents. But I'm going to start making it an aim to focus on me at least once a month.

   Something that Liv and I are going to start focusing on is paying it forward at least once a month. To a soon to be seven year old, asking her to do something out of the kindness of her heart and not expect anything in return is a hefty task to ask but I know she can do it. She's been showing signs of understanding things like that and now I want to see her in action. She'll be seven at the end of the month. 

   For Christmas she received a thread knitter that makes bracelets and it just so happens that two lovely ladies from my past are interested in one each. Liv and I were joking about possibly selling these bracelets to earn money to put towards her 5K and Mile run entry fees but this interest posed a perfect launch into our "PIF-ing" 

   As I write this post Liv is working on a note-card to enclose the bracelets in. She is telling them to enjoy their bracelets and have fun wearing them and to simply "Pay It Forward". I am beyond excited and thrilled that she is doing this. Maybe I'll have to see about selling these bracelets in a local craft show or online. They're super cute and the color combos are endless, which is half the fun!

   Have you made any focuses or aims for the New Year? 
   What do you hope to achieve? 
   Do you "Pay it Forward"? 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Unplugged but here

    I'll admit it - I've been a bad blogger. I haven't been online in weeks! I have been unplugged but still around. I pop online every now and then but for the most part I've been off my laptop. 

   If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that as a personal challenge I took up a seasonal part time stocking position. Compared to my lack of mobility last year due to a rib injuiry I am celebrating and challenging myself with a very physical position for a few weeks. And let me tell you, it's quiet physical. I swear I walk over 10 miles per shift! I'm lifting up boxes, pulling, pushing and so much more.

   I've never worked that part of retail before. I've always had a desk job but never hesitated if someone needed help moving or setting up anything. I'd like to consider myself a hard worker. I consider being at work doing labor - if it wasn't that then it wouldn't be called work. (Relate-able side note - there are some pretty miserable, ungrateful people out there! Sheesh!)

    The shuffle and lack of sleep is hard to get use to but sometimes we just have to go with the flow of where we wander. And coffee doesn't hurt the least bit - lol. 

    I just wanted to let y'all know I'm still here and I haven't forgotten about you. My position is only for two more weeks then that is it. I'll be back to controlling the chaos of all three kiddos during Winter break and posting away! 

    In the mean time, enjoy your holiday season and I'll be back after the break.


Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm 90% ready for Christmas are you?

    I'll admit it. I shop year round for things with the intention of gifting it later. It's a fun habit I started after my first Christmas shopping for both sides of the family, which later progressed after having a kid and then kids. So basically for 7 or so years I've been doing this and perfecting my craft. 
    Not just preseason shop for gifts or baskets, but also clothing, leaving nothing out of prebuying consideration. With clothes it has become so much easier since my kids are in the "generic Toddler" sizes and now even "Big Kid" sizes so I no longer have to count months and anticipate big growth spurts. 

    But lets get back to the gifts. I have a huge gift closet in the basement that I keep stocked. I always have something on hand for a birthday party or an unexpected gift. I rotate the stock to make sure it stays current with toy trends and if I just want to start weeding out odds and ends. I recently just went through and had a massive purge. The rest of the purge will be donated when those toy tubs are out in the stores since everything is brand new in boxes. 

    My kids receive three gifts from Santa and a stocking full of fun goodies. Why three gifts? That's our way of keeping the "reason for the season" in the gift giving. The three kings brought baby Jesus three gifts so they get three gifts. The gifts range small, medium and large in value. It's just easier and keeps things on track for expenses. 

    Wonder what my kids are getting this year? Here's what I have so far, although things may change. 

    Bear - 2 years old 
            A Mooska Sing around the Rosie doll like this one
                 The Ariel Duplo set (price matched at TRU - awesome!)
            A Minnie Mouse board book library set

    TW - 4.5 years old
            A LeapBand (that I have to switch out blue for green now - of course)
            A Melissa & Doug wooden car kit 
            **Insert a Lego set here - not sure yet - maybe Batman)

    Lulu - 6.5 years old
           The Lego Heartlake Friends High School (price matched at TRU - score!)
           Frozen Elsa trunk box (for her Legos)
           The Rare Little Live Pets Butterfly 
               (on fence over this gift for her I might switch it over to a sibling gift) 

    The kids give each other sibling gifts - one gift from the other two. This year the girls are giving TW the limited Lego fire hall set (which was a sale freebie and is a Toys R Us exclusive from a few weeks ago). Not sure what the girls gifts are quiet yet. I have a few items in my gift arsenal for them that I keep going back and forth on. 

    I've decided that next year I'll start having the siblings pick out books for each other and have that be the traditional sibling gift. Which reminds me of a traditional gift my cousin and I do for each other's kids - we gift silly socks every year. It's perfect because they're not super expensive and the kids all have a blast picking out fun socks for each other. Besides kids always need socks!

    It might seen weird to shop year round thinking of holidays and birthdays but that's what I've done and continue to do. 

     Do you shop year round for gifts? 
     Or wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
     Do you always keep the holidays in mind or just birthdays? 
     What are some hot items on your list this year?