Saturday, October 20, 2012

Costumes and Date Night

    Once a month the hubs and I get to take the kids to school for an evening so we can go out for date night. Today was date night and it just so happens to be Sweetest Day. The kids got into their costumes for their Harvest Festival Party and we dropped them off. The hubs and I went to Corner Bakery Cafe to enjoy our free cafe sized Bacon Tomato Mac & Three Cheese. (We were able to enjoy these free because I had signed up for their eCafe email newsletters.)
    Then we went to Target because there was a recall on a hoodie and shirt set I had purchased for Liv for when we went to Disney at the start of the year. They were recalled because of excessive lead found in the zipper (Yikes!)

Did you buy one of these? Click on the link above for more information.
    We swung by Tops to do some last minute grocery shopping before the sales changed tomorrow. Scored lots of canned soups perfect for that time of year that is creeping around the corner. And it was a gas points promo week! Then my sweetheart took me out for some ice cream before we picked up the kids, who were still awake. They must have had a great time.
    It was a nice, relaxing date night. Maybe one time when there is a decent enough movie that we both want to see we'll do that., but for now a little dinner and some errands are perfect enough.
    What do you do on your date night? How often do you get to go on them? Any ideas for our next night out sans the kiddos?

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