Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pol Nailish

    Liv has always had this habit of calling nail polish - pol nailish. Even when we correct her its always pol nailish. Well today the hubs and I have a friends wedding to go to so I decided to try to make myself appear restful and beautiful so I opted to paint my nails.
    This of course started the chain reaction to the Tweedles wanting their nails painted, problem is, I didn't want to paint T's nails. I feel awful just doing stuff with Liv but I can't get past painting his nails. For a few reasons but mostly because he doesnt sit still and I didnt want to have to find streaks of nail polish on clothes, my sofa, anything! So since I was doing one nail on each hand with one of those press on designs I did his toe nail with leopard print on.
    And yes! Liv got pol nailish on hers,  but shes much better at keeping her nails out of trouble while they dry.
Little man's toe and my nails.

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