Sunday, August 9, 2015

And just like that - it was nearly done

    Where did Summer go? I swear the kids just came home from school on their last day - my goodness! These past few weeks have flown by.

   June was a busy month with TW's graduation from PreK, Bear's Third Birthday and the start of Liv's race season. We also were able to get in a bit of outside play time before the heat wave hit us. 

Shaving cream table play? You betcha!

    July didn't slow down at all - we had a family reunion that took us on a 13hr road trip with the kiddos to the beach, followed by more races for Liv and the start of T-ball season for TW. Also discovered Bear's passion for painting! 

One of Bear's earlier masterpieces

    August is still going strong with a few more races, art camp and the wrapping up Rec Track and T-ball. Oh! And the Hub's was offered another expansion on his territory for work so soon he'll be saying hello to Maine and New Hampshire! 
This girlie has track! 

    Aside from our weekly visits to the library, we have been spending more and more time outside hiking around our local parks on nature trails with the decline of crazy hot temps. I am genuinely surprised at how much the kids are enjoying just walking on the trails. I have also invested in some "cheapie" art kits that are light enough to pack three in a backpack so when we come to a point of interest we take a water/art break.

   The kids and I are still creating and taking on kitchen challenges - in fact today we'll be working on a crockpot meal so get prepared to rock that crock!! There's just something about having a little kitchen co-pilot or two that sends a gentle reminder to take things in the moment - especially when one co-pilot likes to try a little taste of every ingredient (that would be TW - lol). 

We tried our hand at "french toasting" some pecan rolls - yum!!

   On Friday the kids received their teacher assignments reminding us that in a few more weeks they will be returning to school - Liv is in second grade and TW will be starting up in Kindergarten. Bear will be attending a 3yr program at the PreK center twice a week - which will be a nice break for yours truly to come home....., and clean the house without kids around! 
Parenting life - gotta love it!!