Monday, October 22, 2012


    As if I couldn't complain any more..., I am pretty sure I just threw my back out. My lower right and (pardon me) butt is super sore and painfully hard to bend. Right now picking up Bear is a tedious task and she's only 11 lbs. Maybe 12lbs. (I'm still in major denial she is growing) I couldnt even bend over to give T a kiss goodnight. He had to come up to me..., I love that little guy so much!
    My hearing hasn't been fully restored since the great ear drum rip of 2012. And I use to like going to work but I'm not looking forward to going (a whole different story for another time). Winter is coming and I hate the snow (again I know I am living in the wrong area for that attitude). My house is a disaster zone and my basement is even worse. And yes, I know my house only has half the bedrooms we really need and that we need to figure something out.
    Sometimes don't you just want to push pause and step back? Take a breather and then push play. Maybe I will hang out in front of a Home Depot and some home improvement show will be looking for a house to crash (haha) or an organizer will want to organize someone's home (pick me!)
    I could sit and think about all the what-ifs in my life or things that I could have done differently, but I can't focus on that now. I have to focus on making sure things are set as best as I can for the future.
    Do you ever get this feeling? What are some things that help you regain focus and motivation? Any organization tips for a working mama of three?

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