Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Girlies - Oldest & Youngest

    I'm sitting here at the table while the girls eat lunch and I just realized how different the three kiddos get when they're either separated from one or all together. I did not get a chance to experience this growing up. It was just me and my younger brother, although I recall bugging my parents a while for a baby sister..., never happened. The Hubs is the middle child with an older sister and younger brother so he got his share of siding with one over the other. 
    Liv and Bear are my oldest and youngest. Liv actually carries a very unique connection with Bear that I have noticed from the moment (literally) when she was born. When I was pregnant Liv asked me if she could be in the delivery room when I had Bear. We are pretty open with our kids so I asked the docs and the hospital. She had to attend a sibling birth class - that she rocked answering "amniotic fluid" and "umbilical cord". She also got a private tour of the delivery room and we had to show confirmation she had a "support person" aka someone to take her out of the room is something bad happened she was good as gold. I even got her a set of pink "Big Sis" scrubs (only because I couldn't find purple ones in time). 

    So yes, Liv was there when Bear was born and loved her from the moment she saw her. She did a great job cheering me on! I can still her voice exclaiming "You're doing a great job Mommy!!" coming from over my left shoulder. She was so proud to her baby sister and watched with an eagle eye as the nurses did their thing. I cracked up seeing her with a foot print on her arm and even more so when she started passing out chocolate "It's a Girl" cigars! Liv did this all when she was 4.5 years old!
Making the calls - haha

First to hold Bear

Not leaving her side

    So like I said from literally the moment Bear was born Liv developed a very special connection. It shows when the girls play with just each other. Liv takes on a little mama role - which is mostly good but sometimes she tends to be loud when trying to tell Bear "no". Liv is gentle and kind and is always trying to get Bear to giggle and dance. 

     I am so incredibly happy that I was able to give my older daughter this experience and that she actually stuck with it until the end - lucky for her I have had fast births - haha. It was such an awesome experience for me too having her as "my support person" - that's what she would call herself if you were to ask her. Adorable? I know! 

    Ps. Her name isn't really Bear - It's Brynn - Just realized that some may think I named her Bear but I'm not Kate Winslet.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sharks with laser beams?

    A while back I was having some series issues with  my ribs and muscle spasms so I finally mustered up some courage and went to the doc. While she was too quick to diagnose me with kidney stones and not listen to all what I had to say (like the pain had started soon after a chiros apt and it left my lower ribs in so much pain just the soft touch of it sent me into extreme pain) she then sent me an immediate care facility so they could do x-rays to find these so called kidney stones. Great! They ended up coming to the diagnosis of rib cartilage damage.

   Since then the pain has been manageable thanks to ibuprofen and ice (which is not fun in the winter). The muscle spams have come and gone and my ribs are no longer uber sensitive but it's still hard for me to move around in the morning and throughout the day. I could go on and on about what I cant do that I use to do and want to do but there's no way I could right now.

   I don't want to have to depend on ibuprofen all the time and really just want this pain gone..., and since I am not a fan of going back to my docs I wanted to stay away from what I will call "Prescription Doctors" altogether. I had such positive results when I sought out acupuncture years back for another health issue (a little of that in this post here) that I wanted to find a non traditional method.

    It was almost like it was meant to be! My quest for a non traditional method of recovery was in my morning emails. Thanks to Living Social I found out about the Pain Relief center so I scheduled a consultation and went on in. 

    Turns out I was in the right place. The bill is pretty steep as insurance doesn't cover the treatments that have been outlined as part of my recovery but what does insurance cover anyway? At this point I'm kind of glad I don't have to mess with insurance because I've been having nightmares dealing with just a simple doctor appointment - so for the moment the less I need to deal with insurance companies the better. (Insert thanks Obama and insert witty insult to how ugly and gross insurance companies have become.., further to that insert some dig at doctors for inputting whatever codes they want which may or may not have nothing to do with your visit..., Annoying!)

   So three times a week for eight weeks I am going to the Pain Relief center for a hydrotherapy massage followed by a MLS Laser Therapy session -which according to the doc's it uses wavelengths of light to reduce inflammation, pain and help healing. I also have to drink a gallon of Kangen water - a fancy alkaline iodized water. 

A little Austin Powers reference 

    I have gone one full week so far. After the first session I felt oddly good then the next day I crashed. I felt like a junkie coming off of a great high. When I went back to the center for my next appointment the doc said that is expected because we are "training my muscles to go back". The rest of the treatments have been fine. I can feel my body slowly emerging from a thick haze of annoying pain.

    I go back on Monday and I'm looking forward to seeing more results. One week down, 7 more to go! 

    What would you have done? Seek "regular doctor" help or gone to an "alternative doctor"?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Remember when - 6 years ago

    So I had a "Debbie Downer" post the other day. I was a cranky whiner. (Hangs head in blogger shame and shrugs) Good news - the cold passed. It was terrible. I think this is the first flu and cold season that has kicked me down more than previous ones. But enough of that.., seriously.

    Let's get back on track shall we? 

    On Monday my "little" girl is going to be celebrating her 6th birthday! I am the Mum to a 6 year old! Or more so I've been a Mum for 6 years!! I can't even begin to think of how I will feel when she turns 10! I have a few more years for that though. Phew!

One of my favorite pics of her and I 

    I remember the moment we found out that we were pregnant with her. It had been a struggle - one in which we later found out that I have a severely scarred blocked tube. I was given the chance to try Clomid but passed. I don't like taking drugs and pills unless I absolutely need to. We opted to try acupuncture. 

   I was coming home from getting a facial treatment helping a friend get her cosmetology license and was going to pick up dinner (lobster bisque with some killer bread sticks!) and I had been in this awesome mood then got this weird feeling. It wasn't nausea. It was more like butterflies. I quickly did some math at a red light before turning into a drug store and grabbing a pack of tests. The Hubs beat me home and was waiting for dinner. I was starving! I mean really. I was starving. I quickly told him I picked up a test and he told me to go take it. So I did. Then I left it in the bathroom and made way to the kitchen to eat. (I told you I was starving!!) 

   Did I mention I left the Hubs in the bathroom with the test? Yeah, he stayed in there to um..., babysit it? Haha. 

   As I made my way to sit down to eat I heard him from the bathroom calling my name with a tone of hesitation.., after so many months of trying and getting negatives I wasn't sure what to expect BUT there it was..., the double line. We were pregnant! And he knew before me! We had our little happy dance and giggles then I made a dash back to my food. (That lobster bisque is really, really good and those bread sticks are totally killer!) I can't remember if the Hubs ate much but I know I did. 

    Isn't it amazing what we remember? 

    So come Monday, my "little" girl decided she was going to make me a mommy two weeks before her due date 6 years ago! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nothing - that's all

    I've tried to sit down multiple times throughout the past few days to write a post.., but I've got nothing. There's lot that I want to say but nothing is jumping to my finger tips. Feeling a slight funky bubble sitting over me. 

    Could be the new laser treatments I have started that I am really hopeful for in the aid of helping me move around after my rib has healed. We have to "train" my muscles so I'll be experiencing some "peaks and valleys" as the doc put it. And I hate those valleys. It could also be this cold that popped up out of no where and is making me turn my nose into an "ode to Rudolph" red (I am armed with my all natural unscented Emily baby and adult skin soother - much to dismay that was not a paid promotion). I think this insentient coldness that has blanketed us is soul crunching. I just want the negative temps to leave.., it's so cold. Oh! And cabin fever knocked on our door and welcomed itself in weeks ago thanks to the polar vortex storm. 

    So this post is nothing but me whining sans the wine..., damn I could go for some wine now...., hhmm...., 

Friday, January 17, 2014

PostMove Depression

    I had a friend talk about when she first saw her son she didn't feel connected to him, even though she was more than elated when she found out she was pregnant and all throughout her pregnancy. Her doctors diagnosed her with a moderate case of PostPartum Depression - given her history with depression. 

    I'm not trying to compare her and I since I was fortunate enough to not develop that with each of my pregnancies and deliveries but lately I've been feeling like I'm not connecting.... to this house. I know that sounds silly and trust me I am not trying to compare or make jest of the condition. 

    When we first toured this house I fell in love! Just by walking in it felt very much like a home. Even when we finally put in our bid I was so excited and couldn't wait to move in! In my mind I had rooms mapped out with furniture and updates. I was stoked!

    The seller accepted our bid, we sold our house and then came the day of moving and the signing of paperwork. (In that waiting period I also went to the chiro where I suffered a big of rib damage so I was starting to slow down physically) We had literally a few hours to move our entire house after the paperwork was signed.., oh! Did I mention I cried at some point signing all the papers because I was so dead tired but excited and wanted it all to be done? Yeah, I did. 

    The first night we spent in the house I could barely sleep. I wanted to clean everything and put everything away after finding the perfect spot for stuff. I was determined to establish an organized house from the start and begin fresh. I woke up at 4:30 to clean and organize the kitchen until the kids woke up and the Hubs wandered down the stairs several hours later.

    Fast forward 6 months...., I walk around and feel chaos and disorganization. I see things where they don't belong more so than how our old house use to feel. There are still boxes in a storage unit that I am paying money on which is driving me nuts (much to our excitement on other details of the house we overlooked the size of the basement is HALF the size of what we had - as well as the garage - two places that we were so use to being larger) And when I cannot find something I have a flash back to where it was at the old house and I miss it. Yes! I actually miss our tiny little house that drove me crazy as it busted at the seams.

    It just feels like I haven't connected with this house yet. I kind of feel frustrated with not feeling like it is ours. Some moments it feels like we're just renting even though I full well know that this is our house..., our home. The Hubs has connection and I'm pretty sure the kiddos have too, even the dog. All but me. 

    I don't know. Ever feel this way of a big change or investment? What did you do to help get out of that funky feeling?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Four! More More More!

    Quick post today! This little guy became one of the gentlemen in my life to have stolen my heart four years ago today!! He is amazingly funny, quirky and such a sweetheart with a dash of a little devil. Nearly like his father in every way. He is our earlier riser - the girls always sleep in. He is always down for a snack and is the first to help out in the kitchen. 

    When the nurses placed this solid baby boy on my chest I panicked at the idea of raising a boy but he melted his place right into my heart and has stayed there since. He tests my patience on multiple levels every day but he also showers me with hugs and kisses to wash that frustration away. 

    Okay..., that is all. Now I'm going to take this time to go cuddle with him!! 

If only he was this tiny forever! 
 Love you little man!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who doesn't like a party??!

    A few days ago I posted about my excitement of decorating cakes soon for my older two kiddos. We're going to be celebrating their 4th and 6th birthdays. It's going to be a combine party because they're so close together and it's easier on us just to do it one shot. I chose to have the party after both of their actual birthdays to give me some time to recover from the holiday chaos.., and toys. 

    Over the weekend we had a birthday party for a family member who turned 17. It was nice and it's always great to see family but that got me thinking - when are we going to stop having big parties for birthdays? 

    Growing up I recall my 13th birthday was a turning point..., I was finally a teenager. Instead of a party - my parents let me choose where we were going to have dinner. It was a pretty fancy restaurant - The Little White House. (Fast forward a few years and I chose Burger King for a birthday meal - it was darn good!)

    The point I was trying to make as I traveled down memory lane was that parties ended and I was okay with that. I'm thinking we'll celebrate up to the kid's 10th birthdays then maybe consider the milestones 13th and 16th and that will be that.  

    We'll still do some fun for them as they outgrow things. Liv has already outgrown our "special birthday theme balloon". For the first 5 birthdays we surprise them with a huge balloon of the character that they're into that year. Liv had Abby Caddaby, Tinkerbell, the Princesses, a Unicorn and Belle. Trey has rocked out a Hot Wheel, Dinosaur and Buzz Lightyear. Bear had a sunshine. But come Liv's birthday we'll still hang a crepe paper streamer line in her doorway - she'll just no longer get a huge character balloon. And she's ok with that. 

    What do you think is the cut off for birthday parties? What fun things do you do for your kiddos on their birthdays? 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Needs vs Wants - Home Improvement style

        Woke up this morning with a feeling that something in this house needs to be updated or changed. You know, the typical "new to us" home owners on going wish list to make the house feel more like home. This feeling was met with an immediate road block because there is no budget at the moment for any house projects. 

     The list of updates/changes is pretty lengthy - of course - with some obvious front runners that will be taking precedence over even simple projects. One of the important ones that need to be addressed first is the door between the garage and living room. During the polar vortex when the Hubs went outside to plow the snow I could feel a chill and smell the exhaust while I was sitting on the sofa. Also that darn door currently opens into the living room ON THE PILED HIGH FUZZY CARPET which means it's dragging against the carpet and wearing it down every time the door is opened. So we'll have to invest in a steel door that seals out the fumes as best as possible, have some fire safety just in case anything starts in the garage and opens into the garage, not the living room. 

At least the door has nice molding around it..., right?

The matted down carpet - boo

    Another update that is on the top of the list is the lighting issue in the office area. We were very fortunate to be able to take the ceiling fans and lights from our old house when we moved so we don't have to spend money there but the Hubs will have to spend time hooking and wiring them all in. Right now we can only be in the office area until the sun goes down..., sounds like the start to a zombie movie. Once the sun goes down, being in that room is useless. 

    Our front door is going to be a big project. I just cant decide which design to go with and what is going on with the sidelites. They are both boarded up right now and the main door is a beast to open and close. There is no natural light coming in because the previous owners painted over the tiny little window there was in the door. I'm a big fan of natural light so we'll obviously go with something that allows for some to come in with privacy since the living area is directly in from there. 

Now you see one sidelite.....

Now you see two sidelites..., its magic!

    One update that would be awesome to do right now is carpeting in the upstairs but this is filed under the "Can wait" project column. The house is sporting some sweet, beat to hell wooden floors. Speaking of the upstairs, the windows will have to be updated as well. They're okay but are definitely on the older side. And the rooms could all use a fresh coat of paint. (Truth be told, I've only paint one wall since we moved. Yes, ONE wall and that was for T.W's solar system project.)

Landing to the upstairs.., yikes!

This is the step near the dining room.., had railing to keep the eaters contained. 

All those glorious nails on the steps..., nice!

    The list goes on. Sometimes just the mere mention of what should be/would be updated sends the Hubs into a fetal position and all he hears is "Lets spend money on this and that and do this". So I have just been keeping a list of things that are projects worth revisiting once other projects are off the list. I did the same thing in the last house we owned. Luckily, this house is more up-to-date than the previous house but it still can use our personalized touch. 

    For now maybe I'll wait my turn to win the lotto - although I think we have to play to win so that's a crap shot. I could always walk endlessly around Home Depot or Lowes and wait for some DIY host to ask me if I want to star in their next episode and let them do anything they want to a room in the house - I would totally be game there! 

    What house updates do you want to see done in 2014? Do you have projects that take over the list before you can get to some fun ones? 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whoops - wrong day - strike that - reverse it

    We've been sitting in this snow vortex for a few days that I have nearly drowned in craziness.., so much so that I posted a Wordless Wednesday post yesterday.., it was Tuesday...., *face palm*
    Shall we try this again? 
    We'll call this "Ode to Warm Weather"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Almost Cake Making Time!

    I am not a Cake Boss but I'd like to pretend I am. And it's almost that time of the year where I make the Tweedles their birthday cakes!! I have such a fun time with them and this year is going to another blast! Lulu was born January 27, about two weeks before her due date. Then almost two years later - and I say almost two years later because it was 11 days shy of two years - Trey was born January 16. 
    To save all my hair from being pulled out we opted to have one party for the both of them when it comes time to celebrate with family and we usually wait until the end of the month (to give me plenty of time to recover from Christmas). 
    This year they have decided on a Buggy Tea Party theme. Yes, you read that right. Trey picked out bugs. He loves bugs. And Lulu has been consumed by Madeline Hatter from Ever After High, hence the tea party. An interesting combined party theme for sure!
    Since Lulu's first birthday I have always used the cupcake cake pan and for Trey its been a simple circle cake pan. I have some really great ideas floating around in my mind for their cakes. Of course I listen to their input too. Trey wants bugs on his.., simple enough. Lulu wants Madeline Hatter with an entire tea party set up and blah blah blah blah.., not so simple enough but the Hubs did manage to track a Madeline Hatter doll down to surprise her. It only took three visits to Targets and one visit to a Toys R Us to find one.., jeepers. The things we do for our kiddos - haha.
    Here are some previous cakes I've done for them. Not too shabby for a mum who is not a specialized patisserie eh?

Lulu's 4th Birthday - Belle Cake Dress

Lulu's 5th Birthday - The Mermaid washed upon the cake

Trey's 2nd Birthday - The Road to the 2's cake

Trey's 3rd Birthday - The Pirate Treasure cake

Do you make your kid's cakes or do you order them at a bakery? 
These are individual cakes just for my kiddos, the guests will get cupcakes that are usually decorated down the middle with the two themes. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

On an island in the snow...

    For those that don't know me, I'm not a huge fan of the snow. In fact I really, really do not like the snow. Incredibly ironic since I live in Central NY - I know! I will be the first to agree that it is absolutely beautiful when it is snowing and seeing the glistening snow cover the landscape but the realist in me sets in and soon sees the grey dirty snow from the salt covered roads, the dirty dingy piles in parking lots and the soppy wet ground it will leave behind once it starts to melt away.
   Lucky for my kids, the Hubs doesn't mind the snow. In fact he welcomes the snow with open arms. (When it snows it's really good for business in the snow mobile portion of his job and his hobby of snow plow small engine repair.) I, on the other hand, will continue to gladly watch them frolic around outside from the comfort and heat of the house.
    In our recent lake effect snow storm we got dumped with a few feet of snow so the crew was more than excited to bundle up and venture into the white unknown while Bear and I watched from the bay window.
    The Hubs snow plowed a gigantic pile of snow in our front yard and what resulted a mound of snow aka Snow Island (here is where Weezer's Island in the Sun plays). The kids had such a blast climbing up and down the sides. Tack on some round sleds and they were out there for a long time - that is until one got snow in the face and finally admitted they were cold and wanted to come inside for some hot chocolate.

    What do you and your kiddos enjoy doing in the snow? Snow people? Snow mobiling? Iceskating? Extreme sledding?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello SIL!

    We had a crazy, hectic and amazingly beautifully chaotic holiday season! We made it through one "not-so-happy/scary" surprise and celebrated through a "very happy" surprise. My brother married his fiancĂ© just days before Christmas! We were given a week's notice that they were going to have a ceremony on December 22 instead of in July (due to another "very happy" surprise). I sprang into action to organize everything or as much as I could for us!
    A little confession - I shop year round to avoid being out in the stores this time of year. I try to avoid it like head lice, pink eye, anything that stinks!! The crowds and drivers are just not my cup of tea to deal with BUT I put my big girlie panties on and sucked it up. It wasn't too bad of an experience. The sales I scored help hash out the rudeness of people.
    Five stores, four freaked out decisions, three annoyed kids from trying stuff on, two purchased shirt/tie combos for the Hubs and one meltdown cryfest (that was me - not the kids) we had our wardrobe all secured.

The boys rocked the plaid ties.

The girls rocked the sparkle!

    Luckily, I had purchased my gift to my future SIL but didn't have time to give it to her before the ceremony. It was her something new, something blue. I did give it to her afterwards. Unfortunately, I had a great shower gift planned out but wasn't able to create it - maybe another bridal shower - keep that pin handy for me Pintrest. I also didn't have the chance to create the wedding gift I had wanted to in time and thankfully I didn't preorder when I had the chance or else it would have had the wrong date on.
    Boiling this whole story down, it ended up being a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful evening. I am very happy for my Brother and his Wife! She is now officially my SIL and the kids are over the moon she's "Aunt L" now. And besides we all looked damn good in our clothes too! (brushes dust off shoulder - haha)
Rocking the purple tights!
Don't mind the messy table.

Dzia Joe putting on Bear's shoes.

Antsy antics

Mr & Mrs!

Trey popped up just as I clicked - awesome sauce.


    Enjoy the honeymoon guys because in 5 months it's going to be crashed!! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#ShareJoy with Starbucks

    We were given the fabulous opportunity to sample some Starbucks Holiday Blend - an herbal blend with sweet maple notes in a Latin American and Indonesian coffee blend aka Cloud9 in a cup! 
    We were sent a beautiful box that when opened sprouted some shiny, red happiness to our kitchen. (insert the angels song - ahhhhhh)

    Since the Hubs proved time and time again that he can't pull off a decent pot of coffee - it was usually watery - I caved and treated myself with a Keurig. Call me a coffee snob - I'll own up to it. And for special coffees and fun blends we use our reusable cup.
    So I loaded up my red reusable cup and pushed the flashing blue button to brew up a cup of the Holiday Blend. (I used my own cup because it is taller than the pretty red cups that came in the box just to prevent the coffee from dripping and splashing all over.)

    With a splash of cream I grabbed my cup and had hoped to sit and sip in silence but my little guy decided it was time to get up for the day. Luckily he is pretty chill in the morning so he just sat beside me and played with his cars drinking his oj while I enjoyed my coffee.

    The aroma is just as pleasant as the taste! Starbucks pulled off another great blend. It is complex yet simple enough to enjoy with any sweet treat - little guy and I opted to bust open some cinnamon breakfast cookies while we waited for the others to wake up. Which was a wonderfully relaxing moment after our recent tailspin of a holiday (where Bear ended up in the hospital).

    By the time the Hubs rolled out of bed I was brewing another cup for me and one for him. His verdict? A thumbs up!
    Are your taste buds jealous? They should be!! Lucky for you I have a bag of it to giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure: Modern Mom and Starbucks supplied the Starbucks coffee and cups to help facilitate this review and for the giveaway. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own!

Who knew? RSV

    Recently my youngest had her routine 18mo doctor appointment and received a few shots. The doctor said she may develop a fever in a few days which is a normal reaction. So when she actually did get one a few days later we just gave her some fever reducer and lots of cuddles. We didn't think anything of the cough she had since her older two siblings had a little cough as well. (Insert some witty saying about this not being our first parent rodeo here)
    Fast forward a day or two to Christmas day and my little happy Bear wasn't her usual self - she wasn't running around and eating everything in sight and had zero interest in her beloved rainbow popsicle sticks. She did not want to leave Daddy's side. I tried to keep her up on her fluids but she was loosing interest fast. So we called the docs to take her in and honestly it's scary how it was perfect timing.
    As I was home with the older two kids, who were enjoying a candy cane watching a new movie while I was vacuuming I received a call from the Hubs saying to pack some diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. My heart dropped. Everything around me blurred out as tears built up in my eyes. The older two must have had a surge of sibling-spidey-sense because they came to my side to comfort me so quickly I gather myself back up and explained that Daddy was stopping by home to pick up some things so he and Bear could go to the children's hospital. (We are very open with our children on information which may be a curse and a blessing but for the moment that's how we roll.)
    I tossed everything in a bag and Trey even grabbed the stuffed bear she received from Santa to include in the bag. In a blink the Hubs was in the house then out. I asked him to call me when they had a chance at the hospital. 
    When the phone call finally came I learned that Bear's oxygen level was in the low 80s, high fever of 102 and she had labored breathing with a rapid heart rate. She was also dehydrated. The hospital ended up keeping her overnight to continue the IV drip and oxygen feed as well as observation. She had tested positive for the RSV virus. We were finally discharged the next day once she was able to hold an oxygen count of 94+ while she slept. Her fever was gone, her heart rate slowed to normal and she was drinking on her own. We were told her raspy cough would remain for a while and that her appetite would come back slowly. Luckily, we didn't need any equipment or drugs to continue her recovery and later that night her Godfather (aka my brother) came over with a cool mist humidifier for her room which really helps with her cough.
    Believe it or not, I have heard of the RSV virus, knew it wasn't good for little kids under 2 years old but honestly never knew the symptoms or what to watch out for. My kids generally have an awesome immune system so when they do get sick its usually nothing major but a little cough or runny nose. Leave it to the last child to scare the life out of us.
    I just wanted to share some information I was able to find on the RSV virus but you can also do some research yourself. You can visit https://www.rsvprotection.com/ to learn more or talk to your doctor about it if you have any questions or concerns. Luckily, we caught it in time before it could have taken an extreme turn for the worse - she did not have blue on her lips or fingernails- but it was scary nonetheless.

      *    If you’re child is exhibit­ing cold-like symp­toms, RSV could be the cul­prit. Know the symp­toms of seri­ous RSV infec­tion which include: per­sis­tent cough­ing or wheez­ing; rapid, dif­fi­cult, or gasp­ing breaths; blue color on the lips, mouth, or under the fin­ger­nails; high fever; extreme fatigue; and dif­fi­culty feed­ing. Par­ents should con­tact a med­ical pro­fes­sional imme­di­ately upon signs of these symptoms.
      *    Almost every baby will con­tract RSV by age 2, but only 1/3 of moms say they’ve heard of the virus
       *    RSV occurs in epi­demics each fall through spring. The CDC has defined RSV sea­son” as Novem­ber through March for most parts of North America.
        *   Cer­tain babies such as premature babies are at an increased risk of devel­op­ing seri­ous RSV infec­tion, so it’s impor­tant to speak with a pedi­a­tri­cian to deter­mine if a baby may be at high risk for RSV, and dis­cuss pre­ven­tive measures.

Top Left: Hour 2 at the hospital Right: Her "ET" toe aka oxygen sensor
Mid Left: Day 2 at hospital feeling better
Mid Right: Oxygen level at 94 while sleeping! Whoo hoo!
Bottom: Lulu's welcome home sign!
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