Saturday, October 13, 2012

Farewell Nanuq

    This weekend is a bit bittersweet for my little man. His most favorite exhibit at the zoo is departing so that the zoo can begin constructing a new habitat. Nanuq is leaving our zoo to go to another one after this weekend.
   From the Buffalo Zoo website : "Though construction for Arctic Edge is not slated to begin until the spring, Nanuq, the Zoo’s male polar bear, is leaving the Zoo now so that he may be acclimated to his new Zoo habitat in time for the next breeding season. Departure plans for Anana, the Zoo’s female polar bear, are not yet finalized."
    While we are excited to finally see the zoo start construction on the new area, it's sad to have his favorite animal leave. The polar bears have become a staple in our visits to the zoo. I remember taking him there while I was pregnant with kiddo number 3 and he just sat on the bench and watched the polar bears. He was memorized by them. He LOVES them!! The polar bears totally made for an awesome adventure day together. I will always treasure that memory with him.
    So early this morning the kiddos piled in the car and we met my brother and his girlfriend at the zoo to say our farewells to Nanuq. The Tweedles signed the card and we took plenty of pictures. (And yes we were one of the first 100 kids in the zoo... yeah! And of course, little man lost his polar bear finger puppet at the very end of the zoo visit.., boo! But we got to see all the meerkat babies active in their exhibit... yeah!)
Nanuq's banner
Nanuq's card the Tweedles signed

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