Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy Schmandy?

    The hubs and I just finished watching The Walking Dead and now the Weather Channel is on with all the hoopla about "one of the biggest storms of our lifetime". I am amused at how much energy they are pouring into this broadcast. It's like they have been waiting for something to focus on.
    I will admit, I'm not entirely worried. We have plenty of candles, quick foods, water and juices, a generator or two, I would like to think that we are going to be good. (Although baby bear's swing picked the wrong date to crap out on batteries. Sent the hubs to Lowes on his way home today and apparently the batteries were all cleaned out. But he did manage to find some D's somewhere else so we have the swing working - whoo hoo!!)
    Within an hour I received two emails, one of an order being cancelled and another of a webinar being cancelled. Boo on both - why not reschedule until after this "storm"? Think Halloween would be rescheduled? haha.
    Right now we're sitting pretty with a high wind warning in WNY which could knock out some power lines or take some trees down. As long as the snow doesn't start to creep in, I'll be fine. I hate the snow.
    What do you think of this storm? Are you on the storm path? Is it hoopla or for real?

I saw this on FB and thought it was hilarious!!

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