Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sea Lions and Tears

    We had a voucher pass for the Aquarium that we had to use up so we decided to go today, mainly bc it was icky outside and the voucher was going to expire soon. (Ps. I love doing those voucher deals for local and near local places but sometimes the expiration date sneaks up on us)
    So yes, we went on an adventure. Since our first was born we like to visit the Aquarium at least once a year. It's nice to see what new and improved exhibits and tanks they have. The trip today we saw some really neat purple blended yellow fish (forgive me, I didn't catch the name of them but they were pretty). We tried to feed the seals but the kids were getting mega antsy and our tolerance for that was getting low and of course, as we start heading back inside the instructor comes out but by then the wee ones were cashed out and ready to check out the other fishes.
    We were able to score some sweet seats for the sea lion show. The kids had a blast during the show. It was so fun to watch them watching the sea lions. My little guy had the ultimate time! He listened to the instructors who advised the crowd that the seal lions appreciate the applause. So he clapped his hands off!
    I was so taken aback by the thrill in their faces and how involved they were that I started to tear up. Yes! Right there during the sea lion show while there were tourists from all over jammed all around me. It was the feeling of togetherness, the feeling that we are one big family, the feeling that we were all happy. (And I'm pretty sure I can't blame it on the hormones still.., haha)
    At that moment it didn't matter that we are all crammed into our tiny little home that is busting at the gills and in dire need of an addition, or that it was a bit messy and unorganized, or that come the morning our weekend would be done and I would have to go into work while they went to daycare (aka school).
    It mattered that we were all there, in the moment and that we were having a fun time enjoying our adventure day. And although the kids wont remember much from today, I will have the memories of their faces looking at fish and sea lions swimming by and penguins hobbling along. (And that I cried at the Aquarium during the sea lion show.)
Father and Son watching the show

Too cool for little man


Little Miss checking out the Sea Lions

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