Friday, August 31, 2012

Zoo and candles

    I know they smell fear.., I know it.., but I decided to conquer a fear today. I took the kids (yes - all three of them) to the zoo for a morning adventure. (*Side note - just in case you wanted to know as I got six words into this posting my daughter showed me she smeared her nail polish we had just applied.., so I went to get the remover and came back to my son opening the pink polish and dripping in on his tan shorts.., awesome.., just awesome!)
    The zoo wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was waiting for a near nap melt down but never got one., although I did have some "Hey"s yelled at me when I said it was time to go and started heading towards the car. The only true freak out came while we were inside the car ready to go and my dear loving son did not want me to buckle him in.., that was not cool.

The Polar Bear checking us out

    But we made it home and in one piece. Not too bad, not too bad. I think I deserve a badge for this! Instead, Liv and I decided to cash in on a voucher for Diamond Candles. Have you seen this super fun product?! I think I'm in love.

    It sells soy candles with delish scents and the hook is that there is a ring inside it that values any where from $10 to $5000. How exciting! So I let her choose a scent.., can you guess which scent a 4 year old who wanted to name her baby sister Princess Bubblegum Rainbow picked out?
Carnival Candy which is Cotton Candy Scented was the choice
I think I would have gone with a different scent like Lavender Lemon or Orchid Meadow but I told her she could choose and that's what she did. (I kind of had an idea of what she would pick out but sometimes with her you never know.)
    So have you heard about Diamond Candles? Give them a try like me..,  use this link to save $5 - which will cover the shipping cost. Let me know which scent you pick and I will keep you posted on the scent, quality, delivery and the ring we end up with.

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