Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ice- ccrreeaamm!

    Yesterday the Hubs took Liv to a baseball game, which left T, Bear and I at home. T is at the age  (2.5yo) where is he the wild card, means be could either be really good or a terror so that is why he stayed home. It was a bit hard for him to fully understand that he wasn't going to go which broke my heart.
    So to make it up to him we went out for ice cream after we made dinner. We popped over to the playground to burn off some of that sugar induced energy and then headed on home. Gave T and Bear both a bath and got them ready for bed. I wanted to see just how long he would last if I let him stay up past his normal bedtime of 7:50pm.., he made it surprisingly to 9:52pm. Passed out cold on the floor of the living room near Bear's swing.
    I had a nice time with him, even though he did spark some devil inside during ice cream but at least I remembered to go to an ice cream stand this time that has a bathroom. Potty training is oh so fun.
    So - this morning I'm going to brave an outing and take the three kids to a toy test for Bear. Hopefully I make it alive, I think they feed off of fear. If all goes well, I can successfully cross a three kid outing with lunch off my list.
Fingers crossed!!

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