Friday, August 17, 2012

Rainy Day

    Today feels like a perfect fall weather day here in WNY. The windows are wide open and the house is breathing in fresh air. Makes me anxious for fall. I'm talking about apple picking, pumpkin carving, soft fuzzy sweaters, white hot chocolate, leaves changing colors and so much more.
    Fall is totally the official season for start up the crockpots for stews, soups and hearty meals. It also makes me want to sit down with some yarn and start working on some winter hats for my Etsy shop (too bad I have so much more other stuff to do before I can do that not to forget that the two older ones like to run amok.) 
    I do hope to announce soon enough though that I will have some hats posted for sale along with a few personalized family art pieces I am working on to add to the portfolio. Here is a link to my shop on Etsy, Dulcet Bloom. My goal before winter is to focus as much as I can to get this shop in motion. Fingers crossed!!
Bear modeling one of the hats

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