Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doesn't need to sleep??!!

    I am pretty sure we have now entered the "doesn't need to sleep" phase of my little man's growing up. He has been trying his darnedest to stay up. I especially love the adoring, love bug phase of the attempt. The "I am so adorably cute and cuddly I just want to sit snuggled up in your arms" phase of the attack. However, I could easily do without the "FINE! I'm just too cranky" phase which is followed by the refusal of the love bug phase.
    I'm worried that the after lunch nap is slowly dying and that my relief from his energy is dying as well. Then again I will be going back to work next week. But I'm not sure which is worse.., being at work or running around in the chaos home. The chaos at home is more rewarding -hands down.
    It's a sad time in mother's life when her little one starts to refuse and no longer requires that afternoon nap. Thankfully, Bear still needs her naps.
Sleeping Bear - Do not disturb

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