Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Beautiful Chaos

    It is a lot of hard work and when I say a lot I really mean a s#$t load of work with three kids and keeping a cleanish house with healthy meals to eat, etc etc, etc. I have yet to add my full time job into the equation. Sometimes I wonder, mainly when crap is hitting the fan from all directions, what was I thinking? I'm surprised the house hasn't crumbled down and the kids run away to join a circus yet and the hubs comes home every night.
    My four year old NEVER stops talking and dancing around, my two year old is learning how to use his words but has the occasional default back to yelling and hitting something and my newborn, who has been a pretty content baby, does get her agitation level up when the humidity is high and there is nothing you can do unless you swaddler her and set her in the rocker near the a/c.
    But when the dust settles and everything is calm again, I am left with an amazing sensation that feels whole. I have three amazing kids, a wonderful husband, a cleanish house and it all adds up to a beautiful chaos.
    A fresh breath in the most stressful situation can bring that thought back to me. It's all just part of the beautiful chaos that's my family.
    Anyone else have this feeling of a wonderful chaotic, crazy feeling about their family?
Anything cuter than three little pairs of feet?!?

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