Tuesday, August 21, 2012


    During dinner I just happened to mention to the hubs about an open position at the place that I would LOVE to work at. (Yeah, after I posted this morning about it I went onto their website to see the current job openings and nearly passed out when I saw an opening for me!) I think he was more energized than I was! We talked about it and both got excited. I suggested he take the two older kids to go get milk and some icecream for dessert which would allow me to work on updating my resume.
    With that being said, I did it! I submitted my resume online and received confirmation it successfully went through. And then the heart started racing and my breath left my lungs.., I heard nothing but my heart pounding in my chest! My first thought was "Ok, cool" which was immediately followed by "What did I just do?!" (Then I totally figured out something that I forgot but luckily it's only one aspect of my current position that would relate which fortunately is not a major role in what I am apply for - boo)
    Positive thinking! Positive thinking! Fingers and toes are crossed that they review my resume and give me a call. The first step is done. I took the leap and I'm holding breath with wishful thinking swirling in my mind!
Need all the symbols I can find!

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