Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here we go!

    Hello! Glad you are here. Let me introduce myself to the World Wide Web. I am a wife and a mom of three sweet birds; Liv - a 4 year old dancer and singer, Trey - a 2 year old 'need for speed' dirt devil and Bear - a 2 month old cuddling boo. (And in case you were wondering that's where my inspiration for the blog name came from and my first born's love for Marley's Three Little Birds.) Currently I am out on maternity leave but I  will be returning to my full time Marketing Coordinator position for a safety company soon.
     My hobbies are photography, crafting, sewing, cooking, dreaming, family adventures, walking and many more. I enjoy to read books and magazines. Family means the world to me. We have dinner at the dining table every night and talk about things from the day we just had and discuss things we'd like to achieve for the next day. I like to find the extraordinary things in every day events.
     I strive on finding the best products out there for my family - which requires a ton of research before purchasing. Yes, I have made some poor investments in products but I chalk those up to lessons learned. I also try to score the best deals out there, much like many.
    What do I plan to accomplish with this blog? My goal is simple - share from my experiences and lessons and hope that they help someone out  there and perhaps learn some new things along the way. So let's get started! Who is with me?

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