Monday, August 20, 2012

Where did my weekend go?

    No seriously.., where did my weekend go? Saturday was my husband's co-worker's wedding but before that I had go out to my parent's house with the kids and rest of the baptism party stuff AND our wedding clothes and baptism clothes all in tow.., oh and the dog too.
   So.... I tried to get as much as I could done on Saturday before getting ready for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. I have to tell you I love weddings! It is such a wonderful celebration of a couple who want to show their commitment to each other. Had a great time and then went back to parent's house to sleep over night since we had to go there the next day anyway and the wedding was right around the corner from their house.
   Got up the next morning and it was work time! Did as much as we could do with the two kids running around before church. Had the ceremony and then celebrated ....until everyone left and it was time to clean up to go home.
    I have to admit I thought today was going to be worse with all three kids home and me still trying to clean up here but it has been pretty good. I can't complain too much. It's not hot and sticky, it's not unbearably messy and they are mild mannered for the moment. I still wish I could drink regular coffee though, that extra kick would have been awesome this morning. (Baby Bear is sensitive to it in her milk..., so its a no-go for me.., only 10 more months though., ha ha then I'm going to go to Starbucks and get a Double.., NO.., a Triple Shot Carmel Macchiato! Or maybe I will just jump the counter and start chewing the beans!)
Bear's cake

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