Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winners and Flops

    I have been totally m.i.a these past few days. Obviously because of this wonderful holiday season. I'm also off of work so I have been trying to keep up with trying to organize this house that is simply busting at the seams and the kids running around. Add a fun snow storm on top of that and cabin fever is setting in pretty fierce now.
    I had a wonderful Christmas. The Hubs got me a Kindle Fire that I have been playing around with. I was so surprised when I opened it! I didn't ask for it but I had asked if he knew anything about the e-readers a few months ago since he is the techno buff in the house. (I also got the Cricut cartridge that I wanted/need for my Etsy shop, DulcetBloom that I have to get my but into gear to post my listings that I have saved - I smell a resolution!!)
    Trey got his train and marble rally, Hexbugs and a duplo block zoo. He is in his own little world right now. Liv got a Rapunzel Princess and Me doll that she is over the moon about, the mermaid LalaLoopsy and a styling head. Bear likes her wooden fabric rattle and her giggling head thing Santa brought.And the kids are stoked because our zoo membership was renewed. In fact, Trey asked me if we could go already. All in all they had a wonderful Christmas.
    There were also flops.., but we wont go into those. I feel bad for the gift giver though when the kids are not as thrilled with their gift than with others. I am one of those gift givers that would like to see happiness or excitement when a gift is opened. What kind of gift giver are you? Do you ask for suggestions? Do you get creative? And what do you do with flops?

Trey's trail of toys


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