Monday, December 17, 2012

Goody Gum Drops

     As some of you might know, Bear is my third and last baby. I am tapping out at three kids. It's amazing how different all three of these kids are. Both of my girls wanted pacifiers, my son wanted nothing to do with them. And that was fine by me. 
    Directly after Liv's first birthday we took her pacifier away. If you were to ask the Hubs what is one pet peeve that would make his head spin then pop off, it would be kids walking around with a pacifier in their mouths older than 18 months (and that is even pushing it). 
    I don't think we are going to have any problems with Bear and her pacifier, as she doesn't want it that much. We just use it when she gets really fussy or over tired. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself. (Knocks on wood)
    With so many pacifiers to choose from and all of them saying pretty much the same thing I opted for safety. GumDrop pacifiers were what I used with Liv and that is exactly what I am using with Bear.  (And luckily I have a few unused ones still in their bags from when Liv was a baby that I'm using)
    There is no bits and pieces all snapped together, it is just a one piece design that is BPA Free and Latex Free. It is easy to clean and I don't have to worry about anything falling apart.
    I ordered Liv's pacifiers from Baby Esscentials. They carry Hawaii Medical GumDrop Pacifiers that are made in America. When I ordered them they came in individually wrapped bags which were perfect for stashing a spare in the purse just in case one got lost while we were out. They carry adorable pacifier clips like this First Christmas one. And even a BinkiBear!
    With so many pacifiers to choose from, I would highly suggest giving Gum Drops a chance. (And let's not forget how adorable they look when a baby has one in their mouth)
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