Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Santa Success!

    Today we conquered Santa! My parents and I took the kiddos to sit on Santa's lap at the same place we always go to. (The hubs had to work today - boo) It was a wonderful success!! The pictures turned out fabulous, although Bear was more interested in eat Santa's beard and T was a little shy. He was adorable though. All week he had been saying he is going to ask Santa for a train and then at the clutch moment he said dinosaur. Haha. I love that little guy!
    Liv asked for a Jasmine dress and a Belle something or other. Not too sure on that yet, but not too sure what if Santa is going bring either. At least the kids had minty fresh breath though. Marshmellow Alice Bell brought them some breath mints to have fresh breath for when they told Santa what they wanted. Haha. Oh that tricky elf!
    What are your kids asking Santa for this year? Did you have a successful Santa sitting? Any tricks of the trade to ensure smiles?
Sitting on Santa's lap with some fresh breath mints

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