Monday, December 17, 2012

Extreme Coups

    I'm going to admit it - I use to be organized. Emphasis on "use to be". I didn't have to worry about where things were and could leave all my important papers sitting in sorted piles undisturbed on the desk and dining table. I could sit there and cut out coupons and leave those in little piles as well until I wanted to search for the coupons I need. Those days are long gone - LONG gone.
   A New Year resolution is my desire want to get better organized, with a strong focus on my coupons and gift cards. My only problem is I don't know which route to take.
   Do I pursue a binder system like the Coupon Pro Binder? I hesitate with that because I think I will be neurotic about keeping the coupons organized. What do you do if the size of a coupon doesn't fit on the page you need it to? Aren't extra pages expensive? What's the longevity of those plastic sleeved pages?

The Coupon Pro Binder System

    On the other side of the coin - do I invest in a file type of storage system like the Coupon Cubby? But I have a ton of coupons. Do I store them in a tub then sort through the ones I'm going to use and stash in there? I wonder how many I can keep in there. I'd probably want one for groceries and one for baby/kid coupons.
Beautiful Coupon Cubby
    Or maybe just one big file system like this one of these coupon organizers made on Etsy at GlowGirl?
Organizer by GlowGirl

    I don't know which route to go.., and I hesitate only because I don't want to invest too much money into something that I am not sure of. Any helpful hints? What system do you have? Does it work as well as you want it to? Is there anything that wish it had?

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