Friday, December 28, 2012

My House Barfed

    I am pretty sure my house barfed right into my basement. I am sitting here and it is just a crap explosion. How annoying! I go down here to organize and get overwhelmed before I start when I try to figure out where to begin. Even now as I am writing I take a pause to look around and just get irritated.
    I can't stand it. I know it all started to unravel once I had the second kiddo. It got harder and harder to keep organized while I had two running around and caring for. And if you had to take a wild guess, it hasn't gotten any better with the third kiddo. In fact I would be so bold to say that it is by far at the most chaotic state as it ever has been.
    Then again, in this house's defense I have clothes and children/baby items down here because we simply do not have the room upstairs and not the immediate need of. It's getting increasingly unforgiving with 3 kids and no room.
    The estate market in our area is at an all time suck which doesn't help. And who knows if we're going to add onto this place. We had the architects over to measure and come up with plans nearly a year ago. Sigh..,
    Where do I find time to organize and sort with three kids, my job and all the rest? Fingers crossed I find some soon!!

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