Saturday, December 22, 2012

Over the Countdown

    I fear my older daughter has inherited my awesome ability to not be able to wait for anything. I am impatient. She is impatient. We are impatient. (We are also both Aquarians but the Hubs doesn't think that has anything to do with it.)
    This morning she asked me if it was Christmas yet?! I think this Christmas countdown with the Elf and Advent calendar are getting boring for her. I will admit, it's kind of getting a touch boring for me to. I just want Christmas to hurry up and get here too.
    On a side note, we were told that Bear is going to be moved up to the next room at daycare because she is so mobile. She is in the air butt rocking stage of learning to crawl. It's really cute! I'm trying to take it all in -since she is our last babe. Still in denial she is growing so fast.
    Also I wrapped the majority of the presents yesterday and it literally felt like it was taking all day doing that! Pats self on back...., btw Santa needs to learn how to wrap his crap up! Haha.
    How is the final Christmas prep going with you? Are you ready for Christmas to get here as much as Liv wants it here?
Making cookies with the Elf

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