Saturday, December 15, 2012

Take a deep breath in

    I WISH I could take a deep breath. It currently hurts a lot to take a deep breath in. I must have just pulled something in my back when I was lifting my 4 year old - soon to be 5 year old into her top bunk bed. I'll spare you the long story of the blanket/blue chair debacle but needless to say I had to separate the Tweedles into their own beds - even though they're in the same bedroom. Ironic? Sure. But was it effective? I think so. After about 4 minutes of crying from being sent into their rooms I don't hear anything.
    So that either means they re asleep or up to no good together. Gosh I love the sibling love/hate relationship! I have tried so many times to teach what my father use to say to my brother and I. "One of yous two have to be the smarter one." Meaning one of us should just walk away and let it be. And chances are who ever is left with whatever doesn't want it any longer and abandons that. Oy!
    In the mean time, however, Bear and I are trying to sort through papers and I just noticed that I cannot take a deep breath in and now my upper back is feeling achy. This sucks! I have way too much to do today. Seriously.., way too much! The maid and organizer must have lost our address because they're not here.., or maybe they're not here because we never hired them. Bummer!!
    How is your holiday season panning out? Is the stress starting to overflow your joyous cup of cheer?

Marshmellow Alice Bell reminds us to floss!

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