Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tears and Coupons

    I'm standing in my kitchen cutting out coupons and trying to organize a whole bunch of papers all while keeping an eye out for a check that I placed somewhere safe from the kids lost. Bear is swinging fast asleep and the Hubs took the Tweedles out to Lowes and a few other stores. I have Christmas songs on and I am crying.
    I don't know what to blame on the tears - being tired thanks to Bear's 2:22am feeding, being overwhelmed with things I have to get done and cleaned up, the memories of past Christmases (mainly Wigilia at Grandpa's house), the recent event in CT, the feeling of being unsuccessful with having so much to do but not feeling like I have finished anything, my scrambled up post pregnancy hormones, the list goes on and on.
    I think I need to breath and then go out and find a spell to pause time around me so I can catch up - ha! I wish! Ok - I think I'm done crying about crying.
    How are you feeling this fine Thursday before Christmas?

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