Thursday, November 29, 2012

Half Way

    My little baby is 6 months! Seriously I know a lot of people say it but really - where does the time go?!?! I spent the first three months home with her and I hate to admit that the past few months have blurred a little since returning back to work. That feeling snowballs into a boulder going down the hill when I then step back further and realize the same with the Tweedles.
    My little man is turning 3 soon and my older daughter is going to be whole hand's worth of fingers! Then she'll be off to Kindergarten and then college then off to start a family of her own.., ok that was a little intense. But it's true.
    I am going to make it one of my New Year's resolutions to be more aware of my children growing. That definitely means more pictures! (Sorry honey) More one on one dates. More moments where I don't worry about the mess on the floor, the clothes that need to be picked up, the coupons that need to be sorted, the list that needs to be made or anything else. Those moments that I would pay anything to pause in time. Like that of when Bear and I dance in the rain.
    The Tweedles and I took Bear to get her 6 month pictures taken. She was breathtakingly beautiful. And yes I actually did a gigantic flower head band. I could not help myself. She's my last one. I'm not going to have another, so of course I'm going to doll her up! She looked like a Victorian-ish shabby chic little lady in coral and teal. Four words! A Dor A Bal!
    How do you take a moment to breath in your children growing up?

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