Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

    Ok, really quick I am going to celebrate being thankful! (Yeah! I know something to be happy about - contrary to my crappy mood lately.) For this installment of being thankful, I am thankful that we are having Thanksgiving Dinner at our house! It's an open door invitation so friends and family are welcomed before, during and after with no pressure to come.
    It means a lot to me to be able to have it at our house. The Hubs and I both agreed to have it for a few reasons. The main being that I am THAT insane and crave to have a tradition that I can call mine now. Plus the Hubs makes a kick-a$$ garbage can turkey! Well my dad and the hubs do - haha. (It really is delish! Search for it or check out this page.)
    We did have Thanksgiving dinner at our house in prior to this year, although last year was a glitch or a hiccup.., but I wont go into it. We were still with family but it wasn't the same for us - well me at least.
    So yes, it is a lot of work but I am so excited. And I nearly have most everything ready. Big thanks to my brother who picked up the extra poppers/crackers I needed. That is a super fun tradition that we have done in years past and I hope to continue! I like seeing us all with our paper crowns and laughing while telling the corny jokes that are inside.

Like this but with turkeys on

    Where are you celebrating this holiday? What fun traditions do you have?

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