Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cookies for milk

    Yep, you read that right. Cookies FOR milk. I have been fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed all my children for the first year of their lives and the same plan is in effect for Bear.
    With the Tweedles, once I returned to work, I was a pumping champ! I filled up our deep chest freezer to the brim with both of them. So much with kiddo number 2 that we purchased another freezer for our food, which we later "sold" to my parents. Anticipating another overflow of supply with Bear, we purchased another deep chest freezer off of Craigslist.
    Lately I have noticed a slight decline in my milk supply and I have been doing what lactation consultants suggest: stay hydrated, eat oatmeal, powerade, Mothers Milk tea, pump often and even fenugreek. (I'm not really digging the fenugreek, not for the amount of pills I have to take but for the awfully gross smell of maple syrup is makes me reek of.)
    A while back I received a few samples of Milkin' Cookies. They are these awesomely delish cookies that contain food galactogogues, which are ingredients that help to increase breastmilk production. According to their website the cookies are made with healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour, flaxseed, wheat germs and oats. And they are all natural.

    I tried both of their flavors - the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and the cranberry almond oatmeal cookies. I liked both and did notice an increase in my supply shortly after them. Since I'm a sucker for cranberries and almonds I decided to treat myself with those ones. I placed an order and let me just tell you, I was surprised shortly after placing it. I received an order confirmation AND a follow up personalized email message from them letting me know that my cookies will be baked and sent the next day! (I give companies MAJOR kudos when they take the time and practice excellent customer service! It makes me feel like they appreciate my business and makes my experience with them special.)
    When I get them I plan on sipping on some Mother's Milk tea and nibbling on my cranberry almond oatmeal cookie, hopefully once the kiddos have gone to bed so there is some silence to enjoy. Some nice calm "Mommy Time". I highly recommend these cookies if you are ever running low on your supply. The cookies are delish! They gave my milk supply a nice boost. The customer service is excellent!
    What have you done or heard to do to help keep breastmilk supply up? Have you tried or made any lactation cookies?
These are sooooooo DELISH!

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