Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seeds ya later!

    Yeah. I am that cheesy! That title is making me giggle but that is exactly what we did this fine evening. After the kids and I did "table time" today (we talked about the trees in the fall and why the leaves turn color and then colored leaves and made mobiles) I brought in all the pumpkins from outside so we could gut them.
Liv's falling leaves
    We had about 9 of them of all sizes so there was plenty of seeds to scrape out. We didn't carve out pumpkins this year simply because we lost track of time. We also did very minimal decorating but the kids took part in doing it so it was fun and seasonal for them.
    I set up a gutting station on the floor in my kitchen and got the big ol' glass bowls out to collect them. And that we did!! I made sure we gathered seeds in separate dishes so that we can attempt to grow some over the summer.., attempt being the key word. Hopefully we can get some. The rest are going to be roasted, lightly salted and devoured until the very last seed is gone!! What is your favorite way to prep pumpkin seeds?

picking out the first pumpkin to gut

Seeds Seeds Seeds!

Cleaned and ready to roast!

Smashed up pumpkins


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