Saturday, November 17, 2012

This can't be a good sign

    It seems to me that my cabin fever has snuck up and attacked me - and it's only November 17! This cannot be a good sign. There is no snow but it gets darker out earlier, it's not sunny out when I wake up and it's getting colder. (Talk about being a cry baby - boo)
    I have been done with holiday shopping so I don't have to worry about sneaking in some shopping while the kids are at school or on Sundays. Unfortunately the house will get a light coat of decorations like we did for Halloween. I just don't forsee any extra time or energy this year getting ALL the decorations out, putting them up and then taking them all down. Sorry kiddos. BUT we will keep up the tradition of going out and "hunting" for our Christmas tree. Maybe this year Trey can help the Hubs chop it down. I'll be on camera duty, as always.
    Liv has been asking to listen to Christmas songs so we have those playing. I have to admit, every time I hear a start to a song that I think could be my Grandpa's song I start to feel anxiety. No, maybe not anxiety but I have caught myself holding my breath waiting to is if it is playing. (We'll save that for another day...., I'm not ready to blog about it)
    Trey gets super excited when his new favorite song is on, Bing Crosby's Happy Holidays. Liv just likes ALL of them. I'm sure if I asked her what her favorite is she'll say which ever the last one that was played, which is currently the 12 days of Christmas. Although yesterday she sang all of White Christmas, which made me smile. She loves that movie, even when it's not winter. I remember we use to watch that while we waited for Midnight Mass after Wigilia. And now that she has Bear she's happy to be able to sing Sisters from White Christmas. 
My favorite song from there is Best Things
 Wow! This posting did a quick turn on subject eh? I suppose while we're at it.., what is your favorite song from White Christmas? Is that one of the movies you watch come Christmas time?

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