Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lazy Lazy

    Things have been quite lazy around here since the Thanksgiving holiday. The kids and I have been total lazy bums. Not to mention that we have been feeling a little sick lately. Seems like someone brought some yucky germs to the party. (bleck!)
    We have just been relaxing in our pjs and bumming with movies. Even though I should really be cleaning and reorganizing the house. Speaking of the house, the quest to figure out what to do is still there. Do we add on and stay where we are? Or do we continue to look to move? It's so annoying. We have even thought about adding to the mixture the possibility of buying land and then building on that but that is a far cry unless we win a silver of the lotto.
    We have figured out that we would like at least one acre of land and I really like the colonial style of house. And that a basement is required. Also a perfect Christmas tree spot is needed in the living room.
    What are some things that you looked for in a house? Master bedroom? At least two bathrooms? A basement? An updated kitchen?
A place to cook your garbage can turkey?

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