Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In the rain

    Yesterday it rained here. It was just Bear and I home. Normally I would have encouraged the Tweedles to go outside and play in the rain but they were at school. I got this sudden urge to take Bear outside and twirl around in the rain.
    It was a moment I would have paid millions to suspend in time. It was a moment where I forgot about having to go back to work next week. It was a moment I forgot about house work, bills, organizing the basement, sorting clothes, schedules..., everything.
    Bear was having a great time! It was so innocent and natural. She listened to the rain hit the awning. She felt the rain on her soft skin. She heard the cars go by on the soaked road. I was holding her with her arm wrapped around mine and the other sticking out and feeling the rain. The rain drops were on her skin and her eyes looked widely outwards. They were so big and blue. It was peaceful and serene.
    And when I looked at her looking out, I felt calm. I snuggled her tight. I looked at her bright eyes watching the rain fall. I felt the world around us pause and I knew I wanted to remember this always. It was a true moment I wanted to suspend forever.
Glass rain drops - how awesome are these?

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