Saturday, September 29, 2012

Onions as air filters?

    I am one who will try unconventional things with common household items, however today I am not amused. The hubs has this idea that if we leave cut onions around the house they will remove the bacteria in the air. (He must have been watching one of those science shows or something) Sounds like it was worth a shot, until he left for work leaving me here with the kiddos and onions. It smells like a packed elementary school bus on a 90 degree day stuck in traffic..., ew!

    I had one of my fall scented tarts melting but that was not helping the situation whatsoever. It started to smell like pumpkin spiced onions.., bleck! Lucky for us at home I had some Glade Expressions to test out from my BzzAgent campaign. (Perfect timing! Being a BzzAgent I get to test products, for free, and even get coupons and special offers to share with friends. Interested? You can join for free and become part of the bbzzzz! Click here)

    It was hard to choose between Pineapple & Mangosteen or Cotton & Italian Mandarin - those were the two scents my grocery store had in stock. (Although I would have like to try out Lavender & Juniper Berry) I picked the Cotton & Italian Mandarin because I wanted something fresh (like I had just actually cleaned this house)

    I gathered up the cut onions and put them in a sealed baggie so there was no more scent coming from them. I sprayed a little in each room there was an onion in and Glade Expressions not only got rid of the stink but I think it also neutralized the air because I couldn't smell any more onion after I sprayed. (There is nothing worse than using a room spray and having the scents layer on top of each other into a gross combined smell) What a beautifully light and clean scent! I will definately be using this scent again. Best part of this room spray is you can buy refills that plug right into the white decorative base. (The lower colored part in the picture below is a wrapper that slides right off so the spray container blends nicely with most room decors.) Major kudos to Glade!

    I can't wait to take these into work to finally get some fresh air - especially after lunch. Stinks having an office near the lunch room (no pun intended)

With four scents to choose from which would you choose?

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