Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two out of Three

    Last year when we tried to do sibling pictures, Trey was a jerk. (It tech. wasn't his fault though..., we have chaulked it up to gas.., we got home shortly after taking pictures and he farted his face off and then was happy as a clam shortly afterwards.)
    This year I had high expectations only because he is a year old and we have been talking about smiling and looking at the camera. After Liv did her thing and she did such a great job, even though she has this uber cheesed up smile she does every now and then, she was beautiful as always! Next was Trey's turn. After some resistance, we coaxed him into standing and then the smiles came! Yipppie!! We had some great shots of him. I was nearly in tears! (I probably sould have cried if I wasnt sweating so badly. It was hot and I was stressed out!)
    Just as the title of this post implies, when it came time to take pictures of Bear the cooperation completely was adandoned. She just wast not having any of it. We were incredibly lucky to have 2 shots to work with, but the one ultimately won because Trey's face in the other one didn't seem right. I think he was starting to start a blink - if that makes sense. And I am sure you can guess what that little stinker did shortly after the pictures were downloaded and started to be edited.., she was a delightful, joyful coo-ing little bundle of cuteness! The photographer and I were floored. Doh!
    So needless to say, Bear has an appointment booked for Thursday and we are going to try to get her individual shot. I am going to keep my fingers and toes crossed until then!
    I know I could probably take her picture but it is nice to have someone worry about getting that shot every now and then. So please keep your fingers and toes crossed that we can get Bear to be all smiles come Thursday!!

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