Monday, September 3, 2012

The fog is upon us

    So my worse fear is coming alive as I sit and type this post. I am currently sitting bedside to my son who is just chatting up a storm while tossing and turning in his undies on his bed to which he has been confined to by me in hopes that he will take his nap. We are going on a half hour and I am loosing hope on this but I am that determined to keep the act of the afternoon nap alive.
    I know I just posted about this happening a few days ago but I am totally not willing to let it go. Not with him. He needs this nap just as much as I do! He wakes up way to early to be a happy being come the end of the day without it. 
    Which brings me to my other grievance.., not so much a grievance maybe more so an annoyance..., how is it that I ask my kids repeatedly over and over and over again to lower their volume or stop chatting and they don't? Not even a tiny little inkling? Not even for one minute? Even when their baby sister is clearly finally asleep after being up for way longer than she should be? I know they understand me. I know they know why they need lower their volume. I know they know why they need to be quiet at times. They listen to 80% of my other requests but for some reason this one request can never be fulfilled.
    As I wrap up this post, my little man is finally laying motionless in his bed, yawning and rubbing his eyes BUT he is still awake telling me to "listen" to him and "be quiet" and we are going on the 40 plus minute mark of this push and pull war over the afternoon nap...., I'm going to give it a little bit longer.., I think he is succumbing to the tiredness that he has been fighting to keep at bay..,
    (2 minutes later. There is some deep breathing, no more chattering or moving., I have won! We have kept the afternoon nap alive for another day!)

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