Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Girlies - Oldest & Youngest

    I'm sitting here at the table while the girls eat lunch and I just realized how different the three kiddos get when they're either separated from one or all together. I did not get a chance to experience this growing up. It was just me and my younger brother, although I recall bugging my parents a while for a baby sister..., never happened. The Hubs is the middle child with an older sister and younger brother so he got his share of siding with one over the other. 
    Liv and Bear are my oldest and youngest. Liv actually carries a very unique connection with Bear that I have noticed from the moment (literally) when she was born. When I was pregnant Liv asked me if she could be in the delivery room when I had Bear. We are pretty open with our kids so I asked the docs and the hospital. She had to attend a sibling birth class - that she rocked answering "amniotic fluid" and "umbilical cord". She also got a private tour of the delivery room and we had to show confirmation she had a "support person" aka someone to take her out of the room is something bad happened she was good as gold. I even got her a set of pink "Big Sis" scrubs (only because I couldn't find purple ones in time). 

    So yes, Liv was there when Bear was born and loved her from the moment she saw her. She did a great job cheering me on! I can still her voice exclaiming "You're doing a great job Mommy!!" coming from over my left shoulder. She was so proud to her baby sister and watched with an eagle eye as the nurses did their thing. I cracked up seeing her with a foot print on her arm and even more so when she started passing out chocolate "It's a Girl" cigars! Liv did this all when she was 4.5 years old!
Making the calls - haha

First to hold Bear

Not leaving her side

    So like I said from literally the moment Bear was born Liv developed a very special connection. It shows when the girls play with just each other. Liv takes on a little mama role - which is mostly good but sometimes she tends to be loud when trying to tell Bear "no". Liv is gentle and kind and is always trying to get Bear to giggle and dance. 

     I am so incredibly happy that I was able to give my older daughter this experience and that she actually stuck with it until the end - lucky for her I have had fast births - haha. It was such an awesome experience for me too having her as "my support person" - that's what she would call herself if you were to ask her. Adorable? I know! 

    Ps. Her name isn't really Bear - It's Brynn - Just realized that some may think I named her Bear but I'm not Kate Winslet.

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