Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who doesn't like a party??!

    A few days ago I posted about my excitement of decorating cakes soon for my older two kiddos. We're going to be celebrating their 4th and 6th birthdays. It's going to be a combine party because they're so close together and it's easier on us just to do it one shot. I chose to have the party after both of their actual birthdays to give me some time to recover from the holiday chaos.., and toys. 

    Over the weekend we had a birthday party for a family member who turned 17. It was nice and it's always great to see family but that got me thinking - when are we going to stop having big parties for birthdays? 

    Growing up I recall my 13th birthday was a turning point..., I was finally a teenager. Instead of a party - my parents let me choose where we were going to have dinner. It was a pretty fancy restaurant - The Little White House. (Fast forward a few years and I chose Burger King for a birthday meal - it was darn good!)

    The point I was trying to make as I traveled down memory lane was that parties ended and I was okay with that. I'm thinking we'll celebrate up to the kid's 10th birthdays then maybe consider the milestones 13th and 16th and that will be that.  

    We'll still do some fun for them as they outgrow things. Liv has already outgrown our "special birthday theme balloon". For the first 5 birthdays we surprise them with a huge balloon of the character that they're into that year. Liv had Abby Caddaby, Tinkerbell, the Princesses, a Unicorn and Belle. Trey has rocked out a Hot Wheel, Dinosaur and Buzz Lightyear. Bear had a sunshine. But come Liv's birthday we'll still hang a crepe paper streamer line in her doorway - she'll just no longer get a huge character balloon. And she's ok with that. 

    What do you think is the cut off for birthday parties? What fun things do you do for your kiddos on their birthdays? 

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