Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello SIL!

    We had a crazy, hectic and amazingly beautifully chaotic holiday season! We made it through one "not-so-happy/scary" surprise and celebrated through a "very happy" surprise. My brother married his fiancé just days before Christmas! We were given a week's notice that they were going to have a ceremony on December 22 instead of in July (due to another "very happy" surprise). I sprang into action to organize everything or as much as I could for us!
    A little confession - I shop year round to avoid being out in the stores this time of year. I try to avoid it like head lice, pink eye, anything that stinks!! The crowds and drivers are just not my cup of tea to deal with BUT I put my big girlie panties on and sucked it up. It wasn't too bad of an experience. The sales I scored help hash out the rudeness of people.
    Five stores, four freaked out decisions, three annoyed kids from trying stuff on, two purchased shirt/tie combos for the Hubs and one meltdown cryfest (that was me - not the kids) we had our wardrobe all secured.

The boys rocked the plaid ties.

The girls rocked the sparkle!

    Luckily, I had purchased my gift to my future SIL but didn't have time to give it to her before the ceremony. It was her something new, something blue. I did give it to her afterwards. Unfortunately, I had a great shower gift planned out but wasn't able to create it - maybe another bridal shower - keep that pin handy for me Pintrest. I also didn't have the chance to create the wedding gift I had wanted to in time and thankfully I didn't preorder when I had the chance or else it would have had the wrong date on.
    Boiling this whole story down, it ended up being a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful evening. I am very happy for my Brother and his Wife! She is now officially my SIL and the kids are over the moon she's "Aunt L" now. And besides we all looked damn good in our clothes too! (brushes dust off shoulder - haha)
Rocking the purple tights!
Don't mind the messy table.

Dzia Joe putting on Bear's shoes.

Antsy antics

Mr & Mrs!

Trey popped up just as I clicked - awesome sauce.


    Enjoy the honeymoon guys because in 5 months it's going to be crashed!! 

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