Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 minutes next to him

    Lately I have been seeing more friends who have recently turned into mums mention how fast time has been flying with their wee ones. And lately I've been making it point to "breath in the youth of my children". (Almost sounds all American Horror Story-ish) 
    So today I didn't sort through all the boxes in our front entry way that we piled in from the storage unit (I mentioned that in this post here and figured no better way to pull that plug than the ol' grip and rip method. I am forcing myself to get rid of this clutter and make no more excuses or at least I think I'm putting myself in this position....) Instead I played with Bear making sure to gather up all her little giggles and grunts, cuddling her, squeezing her and showering her with lots of kisses as best as I could - she's friggen fast for 19 months!
    Today I didn't get annoyed when the school called telling me I had to pick up Lulu because she had a fever and couldn't stay for the last three hours. I picked her up and we just cuddled up next to each other while she read on my Kindle Fire. 
    And when it was time to tuck in the kiddos I laid down next to T.W. and snuggled up with him in bed for 10 minutes or so. I wrapped my arm around him and curled up. I closed my eyes and could feel the warmth of his soft cheek near my face. His soft little kisses on my forehead took my breath away. (Even as I write this post now I'm letting him sit next to me bundled up under the blankets on the sofa - little stinker snuck down while having a coughing fit and I wasn't going to shoo him back to bed..., I'll unplug and cuddle!!)
    So before you realize how much time has passed by - take that moment now! Sign off, unplug, leave it dirty and "breath in the youth of your kiddo(s)!!"

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