Saturday, January 25, 2014

Remember when - 6 years ago

    So I had a "Debbie Downer" post the other day. I was a cranky whiner. (Hangs head in blogger shame and shrugs) Good news - the cold passed. It was terrible. I think this is the first flu and cold season that has kicked me down more than previous ones. But enough of that.., seriously.

    Let's get back on track shall we? 

    On Monday my "little" girl is going to be celebrating her 6th birthday! I am the Mum to a 6 year old! Or more so I've been a Mum for 6 years!! I can't even begin to think of how I will feel when she turns 10! I have a few more years for that though. Phew!

One of my favorite pics of her and I 

    I remember the moment we found out that we were pregnant with her. It had been a struggle - one in which we later found out that I have a severely scarred blocked tube. I was given the chance to try Clomid but passed. I don't like taking drugs and pills unless I absolutely need to. We opted to try acupuncture. 

   I was coming home from getting a facial treatment helping a friend get her cosmetology license and was going to pick up dinner (lobster bisque with some killer bread sticks!) and I had been in this awesome mood then got this weird feeling. It wasn't nausea. It was more like butterflies. I quickly did some math at a red light before turning into a drug store and grabbing a pack of tests. The Hubs beat me home and was waiting for dinner. I was starving! I mean really. I was starving. I quickly told him I picked up a test and he told me to go take it. So I did. Then I left it in the bathroom and made way to the kitchen to eat. (I told you I was starving!!) 

   Did I mention I left the Hubs in the bathroom with the test? Yeah, he stayed in there to um..., babysit it? Haha. 

   As I made my way to sit down to eat I heard him from the bathroom calling my name with a tone of hesitation.., after so many months of trying and getting negatives I wasn't sure what to expect BUT there it was..., the double line. We were pregnant! And he knew before me! We had our little happy dance and giggles then I made a dash back to my food. (That lobster bisque is really, really good and those bread sticks are totally killer!) I can't remember if the Hubs ate much but I know I did. 

    Isn't it amazing what we remember? 

    So come Monday, my "little" girl decided she was going to make me a mommy two weeks before her due date 6 years ago! 

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