Thursday, January 16, 2014

Four! More More More!

    Quick post today! This little guy became one of the gentlemen in my life to have stolen my heart four years ago today!! He is amazingly funny, quirky and such a sweetheart with a dash of a little devil. Nearly like his father in every way. He is our earlier riser - the girls always sleep in. He is always down for a snack and is the first to help out in the kitchen. 

    When the nurses placed this solid baby boy on my chest I panicked at the idea of raising a boy but he melted his place right into my heart and has stayed there since. He tests my patience on multiple levels every day but he also showers me with hugs and kisses to wash that frustration away. 

    Okay..., that is all. Now I'm going to take this time to go cuddle with him!! 

If only he was this tiny forever! 
 Love you little man!!

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