Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nothing - that's all

    I've tried to sit down multiple times throughout the past few days to write a post.., but I've got nothing. There's lot that I want to say but nothing is jumping to my finger tips. Feeling a slight funky bubble sitting over me. 

    Could be the new laser treatments I have started that I am really hopeful for in the aid of helping me move around after my rib has healed. We have to "train" my muscles so I'll be experiencing some "peaks and valleys" as the doc put it. And I hate those valleys. It could also be this cold that popped up out of no where and is making me turn my nose into an "ode to Rudolph" red (I am armed with my all natural unscented Emily baby and adult skin soother - much to dismay that was not a paid promotion). I think this insentient coldness that has blanketed us is soul crunching. I just want the negative temps to leave.., it's so cold. Oh! And cabin fever knocked on our door and welcomed itself in weeks ago thanks to the polar vortex storm. 

    So this post is nothing but me whining sans the wine..., damn I could go for some wine now...., hhmm...., 

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