Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's more fun than a box - Stork Stack February

    The Stork came and brought some friends too! February's Stork Stack had a great theme. It was like Noah's arc! Ok - so I didn't get two of everything but that would have been really sweet if I did. The items in this box were super fun!  Let's start the animal parade!

It's a stacked Stork Stack

How adorable are those giraffe BabyLegs leg warmers?!?! Years ago I purchased some for Liv when she was a wee bit; one of my favorites and still a classic is the Rainbow print. I just popped on their website to look at all the new designs and I think I might have the leg warmer bug again for Bear. They have fun designs for both girls and boys. These giraffe print ones are too cute!!
I see you! Melissa and Doug's Peek-a-Boo Panda is a beautiful wooden click clacking toy painted with child-safe dyes. This lovable panda promotes fine tuning those motor skills. I have a feeling that Bear will enjoy this little guy.
EBoost EBOOST is a naturally flavored effervescent vitamin supplement that comes in powder, tablet or shot form. EBOOST’s natural proprietary blend delivers energy that is unyielding, focus that is unclouded, immunity that is derived from vitamins and minerals, and a means of recovery that is not only sugar-free, but delivers essential nutrients. EBOOST gives all those who rely on it a healthy competitive advantage.
Under the Nile Flat Elephant is stuffed with 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic Egyptian cotton. This measures about 7" long and is adorable! I got the rugby red one but they also have it in rugby blue. We have a few other Under the Nile toys that the kids have enjoyed like one of my favorites, the Grapes.

Ok - I am going to admit it! I tried some and I really didn't want to share this treat! Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits are hands down delish! Since Bear is just on the cusp of chomping pieces the Tweedles and I tried this out. These are freeze dried fruits that are 100% organic fruit, non-gmo verified, gluten free with no added sugar or zombies (haha - the package actually says that!) The blueberries are awww-some!! If they are not available in a store near you - they are available online. We highly suggest checking them out. The wee folks give it four thumbs up!

    This was a fun themed box. Of course I have a little box envy of the toddler age group ones. They received TheraPearl Pals. Too neat! We could use two or three in this house for sure! I love our crazy crew but they get the occasional bumps and bruises. (Like when Liv got a black and blue eye right before Great Grandpa's 100th bday party. Oh the family pictures! haha)
    I am so pleased with this service that I opted to purchase another three months. I'm still keeping it under Bear so next month my box will be geared towards 9 month babes.
    And by the way - I can't say this enough about this company - their customer service is amazing!! I have dealt with a few other subscription box services that are not as awesome as these guys. And I'm so elated to know that with my three month box subscription that a box will be donated to their Give Back Program.
    What do you think about this month's themed box? What was your favorite surprise?
I purchased this Stork Stack Box and was not compensated in any way.
My opinions are my own.


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