Thursday, February 21, 2013

Like picking up confetti during a wind storm

    I don't remember sitting down at all today until now. No wait, I lied I did sit down when I was trying to rock Bear to sleep. (Emphasis on "trying' as it wasn't a success) Oy!
   So I have concluded that trying to clean and organize this house is like trying to pick up confetti during a wind storm. I was in the basement for 5 minutes before one of the Tweedles wandered down, he wanted juice. Then second Tweedle came down to see what Juice Box Tweedle was doing. And wouldn't you know it, 3 minutes after that Bear was growling from upstairs in her bed.

haha- I couldn't help it with the Tweedle reference
    I ditched the basement organizing and thought I could accomplish some clothing sorting. I have such a mish-mash of clothes and I made myself a promise (which might be a form of a New Year's resolution with no pressure) to go through all my clothes for once and for all. So long maternity clothes! No more babes for this family. So long those weird intermediate clothes which are not quiet maternity but not what I "use to wear". Adios old clothes that I use to wear to go out in. And I am guilty of still having clothes from high school..., that was well over 10 years ago. (And no, I did not go to the reunion.)
    That mission was easily distracted by the wall peelies that were suppose to be able to just peel off when we wanted to but apparently they didn't get that memo. So yea, we have flowers and lady bugs on our wall in our bedroom. Which judging by the amount of scraping I did, they will be up for a bit longer. Uhg! I got annoyed doing that and by the Bear had crawled her way to me. Did I mention that by then Juice Box Tweedle came upstairs from the basement to tell me Wondering Tweedle crushed his hand some how. He could still move his fingers so off he went back down in the basement.

Yeah! Flowers and lady bugs

How annoying!!

    I could go on but I will spare you the rest.., it was just one of those days. I'm going to just sit here surfing the Internet, pump for Bear then head off to bed.
    What do you do on days like this? Any hints on taking off those darn peelies?


  1. Hang in there! Things will get a lot easier as they grow up!

    Hi Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Veronica - thanks for the words on encouragement! I know I'm in the eye of the storm.., and its a wonderful storm!