Friday, February 8, 2013

Like a blizzard

    What a week it has been! I don't even remember Monday to have distaste in Monday. If I didn't have four calendars looking at me right now I would have thought it was Wednesday. Ever have one of those weeks?
    So without getting into a mega sob story, my current office is a hole in the wall with no windows. Sometimes that is a good thing when I have denial about the winter weather, but sometimes its a bad thing like when I see the sun shining. Then again, both conditions make me wish I was home and not at work.., haha. 
    Right now it's a blizzard - well not full on, crazy blizzard but it is snowing more than has all winter. I am dreading the drive home, the drive to pick up the kids, the drive to gymnastics (assuming they are not cancelled tonight) and then the drive back home. (wah!)
    What is the weather doing by you today? Sun? Snow? Sleet? Rain? What do you do when you have to drive in awful conditions? Sometimes I will switch my music over to classical to help calm the mood. 
 What I feel like driving - sans the beard

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